Which ones?

Habits of highly ineffective people

  • Play the victim
  • Seek approval
  • Prioritize the urgent over the important
  • Endure less than satisfying relationships
  • Quit when the going gets tough

There are at least 27 more habits.  Which ones are tripping you up?

Dare to ask

To get answers. To become clear on the what, how and why of that which others share and you experience. Ask to understand, so that you may be understood
Then listen. Let in the light. Refuse to stay stuck in your own small universe of limited knowledge and beliefs.
Keep an open mind and think critically on what you hear. Closed minds are limited minds. Closed minds fail to grow.
Go ahead – dare to ask.

Is it time?


Because the smarter we get, the less we need to speak.

Listening – it’s more than just hearing, it’s the gateway to understanding.  The act of listening is choosing not to vie for attention, but to learn.

Listening is how we build trust, how we solve problems, how we make fewer mistakes.

Is it time to listen, rather than wait to be heard?



Every day

Feeling better is no substitute for doing better

The deal closed.  The work shipped. The bonus arrived.  The pressure is off.  So celebrate, relax, and recharge – but not for long.

Celebrations, affirmations and all the feel-good stuff can’t replace action and enterprise – the disciplined effort to get better.  Life is about getting better or falling behind.

There is no substitute for doing better.  Every day.

While you’re at it…

No matter how wonderful you are…
Someone will disagree. Someone will have a problem with your version of wonderful.
Some may call you brilliant, while others call you stupid. Some tell you you’re thoughtful, while others deem you thoughtless. Every day it’s likely you get tagged both a champ and a chump by someone, somewhere.
You need not try to please everyone. Besides, it leads to a life both mediocre and boring.
Why not curate your life your way? Why not play to your strengths, empower yourself, find the intersection where what you do well connects with what drives your passion? Why not live to please you?
And while you’re at it, keep going on your wonderful life.

Courage and focus

 What we want

Abundance is about what we want, not what we don’t want.  Focusing on what we don’t want is rooted in fear and scarcity.  It’s about avoidance rather than enablement.

Moving past an attitude of fear and loss takes effort.  It takes deliberate focus.   It requires the courage to look fear in the face, turn around, and chose abundance.

Why manifest anxiety and distress, when we can plant the seeds of optimism, choose to manifest abundance, and start to actually enjoy life?

It begins with choice.

Seeing it clearly

Make mental images

Visualize.  Make what you see clear and clean-cut.  Hold it firmly in your mind.

What you construct in your mind is yours.   Yours without limits.

See the end game before it starts.  Concentrate on your goal.  Let the picture become more and more complete.  Engage earnest desire and confident expectation.  Firmly demand what you want.

Let the precise image of what you see – the focused visual of what you imagine – motivate you to plan, to act, to summon the universe in your efforts.

Getting what you want is about knowing what you want, and seeing it clearly in your mind.


What hurts?

What can you do about it?  How can you keep going in spite of the pain?  My football coach used to ask, “Are you hurt, or injured?”  Injury requires recovery. Hurt means you keep charging ahead.

Think hard and clear about what hurts.

You can move forward, or stall, or fall behind.   Regardless of what hurts.