What to do today that will matter

“Now here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.”  – The Queen, from Alice in Wonderland

Ever feel that way?  Running faster and faster and staying in the same spot?  It’s how too many live their lives.

Moving ahead is difficult.  It means taking deliberate effort to acquire new knowledge and skills.  It means choosing which tasks matter.

The hectic churn of hours is not the lever to moving ahead.  Moving ahead is about choosing what to do today that will matter in five years.

Pulled by love

Lose the fear

Of being wrong.  Of making mistakes.  Of getting criticized, scorned or rejected.

Look in the mirror – fearlessly.  If there’s something not quite right, figure it out and fix it. Not driven by fear, but pulled by love.

Fear cannot thrive in the presence of love.

Until it’s the right time

Opinion not required

We always have the power to hold no opinion.

Too often we create an unneeded urgency.  Too often we react when no reaction is required.  Too often we waste energy cultivating opinions that serve no benefit to ourselves or our world.

We have the power to hold no opinion; at least until it’s the right time to have an opinion.

The fear of missing out


It’s hard to say no.  Particularly when you’re not clear about your goals.

When your goals are fuzzy, almost everything that shows up starts to look like an opportunity.  You become fearful of missing out.  You start saying yes to things that don’t matter.

So get clear; get perfectly, precisely clear on what you want. Learn to say no so you can say yes to what counts.


Nothing grows in ice

Nothing.  Everything sits suspended in space and time.

If we freeze our thinking, we won’t grow.   If we freeze our thinking, we won’t help others grow.  If we freeze our thinking, nothing new and wonderful will show up in our lives.

Letting tradition and convention rule creates a chilling effect on critical thinking.  Old beliefs and attitudes freeze our imagination and keep us stuck in suspended animation.

Break the ice.

To thrive, not just survive

Average. The worst of the best. The best of the worst.
You have to be better than average to thrive, not just survive.
It’s hard to rise to exceptional performance. It takes daily discipline. It takes focus. It takes lots of effort. That’s why most remain average.
Push the needle up. Raise the bar. Get started, get traction, and enjoy the ride.

Sometimes we try too hard

I don’t know.

It’s difficult to say “I don’t know” when we’re battling a fragile ego and don’t want to reveal the truth.  It’s not always easy to confront our ignorance and get to work to change the situation.  And it’s all too easy to feign ignorance when we’re looking for a fast excuse to dodge accountability.

None of us are managers of the universe.  We need not stay on top of everything.  Sometimes we try too hard to keep up.

It’s okay to say “I don’t know” when we don’t.  It’s even okay, in the right situation, to say “I don’t care.”  But falsely using the excuse of ignorance to dodge accountability is just one more lie we foist upon ourselves and our world.

Disrupt the pseudo-reasonableness of the status quo

Master the art of the possible.

Let go of yesterday, and look beyond today.

What are your dreams?  What is the tomorrow you were meant to create? 

What biases and false assumptions block your way to that better future?  What influences – from without and within – obscure your sight and confuse your mind?

Mastering the art of the possible means expanding curiosity, gaining clarity of vision and not just disrupting, but destroying the playbook that keeps you bound within the pseudo-reasonableness of the status quo you dwell within today.

That’s about it!

Between us and them.

The difference between the very rich and the rest of us is that they have more money.   That’s about it.

Material possessions can only marginally change our lives.  The rest of the fixes and changes we want in our lives are up to us.

Change starts from within.

It’s what I control

I’m not changing their story.

I’m changing mine.

It takes too much energy to change someone’s story of me.  It doesn’t work anyway.  I’m spending that energy moving forward with my own story.  I prefer to have fun cultivating my own life, than trying to get in line with someone else’s expectations for mine.

People develop their own story of me.  It’s flawed, a fabricated tale, filled with biases and wrong-headed assumptions.   I can’t change what they think.   I’m too busy focusing on me and my story.

That what’s I control. Me and my story.