In spite of your history

Maybe you’re a loser.

And maybe not.  But if you are, or in some way you are, you don’t have to continue.

You can change.   You can change some things quickly, others slowly.  You can start by stepping outside the comfort and predictability of losing.  You can figure it out, design your plan, and take your next steps.  You can stop the downward spiral and start creating upward loops.  You can establish small victories that build on each other.

It starts when you acknowledge your higher desires, when you dare to be dangerous, and move forward in spite of your history.

Do it anyway

Stand tall

Every time we retreat from what we fear, we create a feedback loop.  Our inner wiring starts telling us that what we ran away from is dangerous.  The proof of which is that we ran away.

Left unchecked, our continued retreat from what we fear start making us smaller, and the world around us more dangerous.  We allow the tyranny of fear to expand and control us.  We allow fear to impose limits to our lives.

To stand tall is to accept life and all the fear-inducing stuff it throws at us.  To stand tall is to confront what scares us with eyes open, and keep moving ahead.

Stand tall.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.

More with less

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. – H.D. Thoreau

What’s your life’s balance sheet telling you?

Are you willing to let go of encumbrances in order to live a larger life?   Are you willing to self-impose constraints on spending to push you to become more resourceful and self-sufficient?  Are you willing to discover how to enjoy more with less?

Life grants no extra points for pursuing immediate gratification, blowing your budget, becoming a servant to the bank.

There is satisfaction in living deliberately, living larger, and accomplishing more with less.

What you need tomorrow

Success hides a multitude of sins. – Donald Passman

Success masks reality.  The reality that you may not be as good as you think.   The reality that what pushed you over the top yesterday will not work tomorrow.  The reality that the next challenge will be different; will require a better version of you.

Celebrate success, but get over it – quickly.  Become more self-aware.  Know your shortcomings.  Discover what you need to grow; what you need to succeed tomorrow.

What you need tomorrow will not be the same as what got you here today.

No compromise

What I want now.

Or what I want most.  Which will you choose?

Excellence and high achievement usually follow the longer path.  Never sacrifice what you truly desire by settling for the shiny object that makes you feel good today.

Never confuse a milestone with the desired destination.  Never compromise long-term goals by accepting instant gratification.

Step up, let go, and move on

Don’t be a bad ender

When it’s time to move on, move on.

Everything in life is in some stage of change.  Sometimes the journey is ascending, sometimes descending, sometimes stuck.  Relationships, careers, and personal goals are good examples.

When the goodness is gone, when you are trying too hard to make things work, when you’re struggling under expectations you didn’t sign up for.  When you realize what worked yesterday won’t work tomorrow, it’s time to stop and think about what’s next.

When it’s time to move on, step up to that reality.  Step up,  let go, and move on.

Walk through fire

Take a walk

Every day. Walk on the wild side. Dive into the chaos the life delivers.

Experience the elements of chaos showing up in your day.  Adjust.  Don’t let the anxiety, the feeling of not being in control, stop you in your tracks.  Create just enough order within the confusion. Discover that there is a solution, a path forward, lurking within the problems you meet.  Channel your anxious energy to your advantage.

And then, make room for gratitude.  In the midst of all the confusion and chaos, you moved forward.  You discovered powerful inner resources.  You’re ready to walk through fire, to take on anything that shows up.

Which mindset?

Bad luck magnet?

When you choose mediocre behaviors, you get mediocre results.  When you allow mediocrity to live within your day, you become a bad luck magnet.   You attract more and more of less and less.

Every day you choose how you act, how you react, and the mindset you engage.

Losing is a choice.  Mediocrity is a choice.  Winning is also a choice.  Which mindset will you choose to live within your day?

With Clarity and Grace

“People are effective because they say no.” — Peter Drucker

Stop saying yes when you want to say no.  Let go of the fear of rejection.  Let go of the irrational need to please.

Too many problems trace back to when you say yes too quickly and no too slow.

Learn to say no with clarity and grace.

Remarkably different

Like others won’t

Live like others won’t, so you can thrive like others can’t.

It’s a lot less about the material things you collect along the way.  It’s about the person you become on the journey, and how it makes your life so remarkably different.