A worthy price to pay

“Fear of failure is a worthy price to pay for the chance at greatness.” – Charlie Harary

For most, the fear of failure is a price too great to pay.  So a life of safety, a life of sameness and mediocrity becomes the choice by default.

We’ve been taught to feel shame for failure, that we […]

Disorder is not disfunction

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

You’re in some phase of personal home improvement  You’re fixing some area of your life that needs repair and renovation.  You’re tearing down what no longer works, and are deep in the process of redesign and remodeling.  You’re in an undertaking filled with dust and […]

Just go

“You don’t have to go fast…you just have to go.” – T. Harv Eker

To make progress, you must get started.  Life begins in a better way when you take the first step, when you begin the journey.

Recognize that achieving excellence in your life is less about velocity and more about action. Action creates momentum. […]

It’s not about where you are…

“Where you are today doesn’t determine where you can go; it merely determines where you start.”

The key limiting factor to getting what you want, for going where you want to go, exists between your ears.  It’s you, not where you are, not your circumstance.

Become accountable for where you want to go, for what […]

Move to the front of the line

“Move your dreams from some day to this day.” – Ralph Marston

You get what you want when you move to the front of the line.  Why be timid, why hold back?

Until you put your dreams on high priority, until you move them to the front of the line and act on them, they remain […]

Welcome to the ultra marathon

“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” – Mario Andretti

Beware when you start patting yourself on the back, thinking you have finished the race, thinking you have arrived, thinking you have things under control.  That’s when you’re starting to slide, when the ground is shifting beneath your feet and you’re […]

“…gratitude reciprocates.” – Matthew McConaughey

Cultivate thankfulness.  Let it grow and become part of your inner DNA.  Take time to find within your life experiences the people and circumstances to be appreciative about.

There are silver linings waiting to be revealed in your everyday experiences.  They show up, they reciprocate, when you acknowledge their possibility through […]

3 Steps to Hack Productivity

Productivity is not as simple as exercising willpower or working longer and harder.  Most of us are beginning to embrace the ideas of working smarter and aligning ourselves with our true passion.   But this is just the beginning.  This article introduces three powerful productivity hacks that will help you maximize productivity and live the lifestyle of your dreams.
1. Environment
Our mental, emotional, and […]

Someday becomes never…

“Your problem isn’t ideas.  Your problem is that you don’t act on them.” – Mel Robbins

The synapses of your brain keep firing, delivering incredible ideas, feeding your imagination and stirring your creative juices.  But where do you take that energy?

Do you explore, envision, evaluate the possibilities contained in those ideas?  Do you consider how […]

Dare the effort

“Make it your job to do what you don’t want to do.”

Few get up an hour earlier each morning – to start the day and engage the world while most stay cozy in bed.  Few will embrace the difficult task when an easy way out is in sight. And fewer still will dare the […]