Without looking back

Take the risk

Grow a backbone.  Think for yourself. Make difficult decisions.  Dare mighty things.

Take responsibility for what you have so far in your life.  Move on from there without looking back.  

The only way you live the best life is to create it.

Refresh your spirit

Inhale, exhale

Take time out. To breathe, to get centered, to recharge.

Maybe it’s a walk, a brief meditation, or a short diversion that helps you feel refreshed.  Create your strategy for the longer road ahead.

You’re on an ultra-marathon, not a sprint.  Take the time to breathe, to refresh your spirit, and enjoy the journey.


The mindset that empowers

How you spend the first hour sets the bar for how you’ll spend your day.

Read, write, exercise, meditate, visualize, give thanks – something that energizes and propels you into the day.

Develop distance from the distraction of email, social media and mere busyness.  Get focused on you.   Get focused on the fundamental disciplines that help you thrive and become more valuable.

Cultivate the mindset that empowers you the rest of the day.

The hallmark of the achiever


Devote zero percent of your time to what doesn’t matter.

Managing priorities – what’s important vs what seems urgent –  is one of the most difficult challenges faced.  The discipline of giving zero, nada, zip to busyness of no particular importance is the hallmark of the achiever.

Staying busy on what doesn’t matter creates a false sense of comfort and forward movement.  It’s a fool’s paradise.

A lame excuse

Yes, you have the time

You just picked something else.

“Not enough time” is a lame excuse.  It’s how you rationalize and justify why you didn’t or couldn’t do something.

When something’s a priority, you create time.   You may be deceiving yourself, but you’re not fooling the rest of us.

Rise to a higher plane

The best revenge is not to become your enemy

Resist the temptation to meet your enemy at their level.   They’re in the ditch, trying desperately to pull you down.   They’re tempting you to meet them on their terms.

Never stoop to their depths.  There is no common ground.

Stay above the noise, distraction and temptation.  Live beyond the wishes of those whose desire is to pull you down.

Rise to a higher plane.  Live your life on your terms.

Worst case, it’s manipulation

Don’t limit yourself to someone else’s opinion of your capabilities.

If you’re running your life on the opinions of others, let go of the addiction. When you give too much credence to the opinions of others, you’re telling your true self to f**k-off.

Stop ceding your power to others.

The opinion of others is just feedback.  Sometimes useful.  Often not.   Worst case, it’s manipulation.  Figure it out.

Want more?

We need a bigger “why?”

Because “Why” ignites and drives achievement.  It creates the tension between what we have and what we want.  It motivates us to close the gap between where we are and where we want to be.  It gives the reason to get the singular focus to go after what we want.

Want more?  Then get more.  Start with a bigger “why?”

One day at a time

The cumulative effect

The secret to a great life is simply experiencing a bunch of great days, one day at a time.

The secret to disaster is errors in judgement, repeated day after day after day.

Life is a balance sheet of days.  Keep accumulating the great ones.  Maximize the uptime.

Stop with the repeated errors in judgement, and focus on what contributes to the better days.