Get tough

It’s not motivation, it’s discipline.

Motivation may, or may not, get you on your feet and focused on what you need to do.  Discipline will.

Discipline is the always-on mental memory that drives you.  It’s the catalyst for all the habits that enable you to achieve and become better.

Only discipline will push you through the challenges and beyond the obstacles you meet.  Only discipline, applied daily, can enable you to transform your life.

Get tough.  Get disciplined.

Intentions create reality

I didn’t come to compete, I came to win. (Arnold)

Your intentions create your reality.

Just competing is more like play or practice. Winning is about putting yourself on the line and pushing through. To say you’re just competing is to hedge with soft words that pull you back from the edge.  Your words show your intention, define your expectation, create your ultimate outcome.

So decide.  Did you come to play, or do you boldly intend to win?  If you’re going to engage, why not intend to win?

Build a team around you

Play to your strengths.

You can spend your entire life trying to strengthen your weaknesses.  Or you can play to your strengths.

Your weaknesses may be other people’s strengths.  Should you delegate or outsource what you’re not great at, and focus on getting better on what you can excel at?

Why not pursue your specific gifts and talents, and build a team around you to handle the rest?

Ask better questions

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions.

Questions you ask others, questions you ask yourself.  The what and why, the who and how.  The where and when.

The questions you ask reflect your focus.  The questions you fail to ask can shape your destiny.

Your better life demands that you ask better questions.

Prove your words

Practice what you preach.

Every day you get the chance to prove your words by your deeds.

Every day you join the battle between your intellect and your will; the battle between what you think and say, and what you do.

Every day you get one more day to grow, and show, your authenticity.

Move past today’s limits

Don’t accept partial completeness.

Too often we fail to complete our tasks, projects and efforts.  Too often we fail because we lack the tools, and lack the knowledge.

Don’t give up.  Don’t be satisfied with a partially complete effort.  You just need a better toolkit and better knowledge.

Tools are available, knowledge can be learned.  But you have to seek them.  You have to acquire the tools and build the knowledge.

Are you ready to move past today’s limits and get the job done?

Tell us your story

Share your story

You sell yourself short when you leave out your story, when you let your work try to speak for  itself, by itself.

Your story, not solely your work, is how you make the human connection, how you reach our souls. Your story drives emotional value that touches the heart, that helps us enter areas we may not know about or ordinarily pursue.  Your story changes our lives in a way far greater than any mere object could.

Words matter.  Tell us your story.

Give back and pay it forward

Mentor someone.

In some way.  Give back.  Return the favor once extended to you.

It could be sharing a simple piece of advice or a lesson learned.  It could be offering support, or taking time out to just listen.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to be someone’s hero, if only for today.  It’s time to give back.

What’s your focus?

What’s your focus for the week?

Are you clear on what you’re doing, and why?   Too many lack clarity, and they drift.  They settle for less than their dreams; they let lesser outcomes suffice.

Clarity is fundamental to you getting motivated, you staying focused on what you really want.   Clarity helps drive you through the ambiguity you inevitably encounter when you’re trying to achieve big things.  Clarity is what keeps you going when you can only see a hundred yards ahead at a time while traveling a thousand mile journey.

Get clear on your dreams.  Get focused on your goals.  Know why you started the journey.  Life becomes more interesting and amazing when you choose to pay attention.