What’s on your list?

The draft of your epitaph

Would you want where you are, and what you’re doing today, to be the key themes recorded on your epitaph?

If not, what’s on your list?  And if you think you need a better list, what needs to change with your priorities, what needs to change with how you use your time?

Resist the notion

Better a clear mind than a tidy desk
Those who rise to excellence are the ones who have learned to create within chaos. Those who resist the notion that life must be neat and tidy to accomplish and achieve.
The compulsion for orderliness is the gateway to going nowhere special in a world that thrives in chaos and change.

Let go


Empty the bag.  Discard the complaints and whines and troubles carried.  Lighten the load.

Too often we think we have problems, when, in fact, the problems have us.  That’s a choice.

Let go.

Embraced and channeled

Calm does not suit me.
My OCD self loves life orderly; everything organized and in its place.  But I’m finding that random-crap-everywhere better energizes and motivates me. I’m finding that what I once saw as distraction can be reframed and repurposed into the adjacent possible.

Chaos need not be avoided. Chaos can be embraced and channeled. Within chaos is the seed of possibility.

No one else

Entitlement is a crutch
A focus on entitlement is an excuse to not be accountable. It’s a self-inflicted disease – the quiet fiction, lying with words and silence, building the barrier that gets in the way of becoming the best we can be.
Entitlement is the false hedge against feeling stuck and dull and cheated by life.
Get over it, move beyond it. When stuck and dull and feeling cheated, it’s up to us to change that situation. No one else.

You can!

What is the reputation you have with yourself?

You’re not an insignificant face in the crowd.  How do you see yourself?  What do you want to be known for?

You can cultivate and manage your self-esteem.  You can improve the reputation you acquire with yourself.




Make progress

If you’re still thinking, researching and strategizing; if you’re still pondering and debating; you haven’t started.

So start.  Start in some way, the best way you can.  Stop scrolling, close the books, and reschedule the meetings. Begin to make progress.


Whether things go right or wrong

Failure is not just sometimes in the process.

It’s always in the process.  Lurking; ready to seize the moment in a split second. When things are going right. When things are going wrong.

Whether fully energized, or fully depleted, we need the mental strength to keep stepping up to the challenges life brings us.  We need the strength to move ahead in the midst of failure. We need the strength to keep going when others tell us to quit.

Not dead, won’t quit.