Expect nothing

“Give 110%, expect nothing.”

It’s about what you give, not what you get.  Because what you give is what ignites passion.  What you give gets you in flow; engaged with others, in connection with life.

Expect nothing to have everything.

Look up!

“How will you know how high to aim if you’ve never looked up?”

You wouldn’t, and maybe you don’t.   Too many don’t look up; they aim too low and pick  the obvious, the easy targets.  Too many fail to push themselves to their greater capabilities and capacities.  And they  fall short of what they could become; they settle for less.

Why fall short of what you’re capable of achieving?  Why not look up?  Why not recalibrate your aim?

Why not be promiscuous?

“When was the last time you set out to be promiscuous in your failures?” – Seth Godin

Showing up with ideas, innovation, creativity and achievement also means showing up with failures.  Lots of failures, because that’s how you learn, that’s how you move forward  in the real world.

If you’re not ready to fail, not ready to fail often and sometimes massively,  you’re not ready for massive achievement, massive success.

Embrace failure, and in doing so prepare to embrace success.

Tomorrow starts today

“People who are grateful see abundance everywhere.” - Hugh MacLeod

Wealth is a state of mind, a way of experiencing  your world.  Gratitude triggers it.

Economic cycles rise and fall, but you’re never poor when you’re grateful.  Regardless of what’s in your bank account today, the truest wealth is measured by the size of your spirit, by the capacity of your heart to embrace all the good you see and experience, by the wonderful, enabling people who show up in your life..

You’re not ready for a better tomorrow until you’re ready to be grateful for today.

Amaze yourself

“Take back your power.”

You have it.  Maybe deep inside.  And while you may have denied, feared, ignored, or somehow lost track of it, it’s waiting to be reclaimed and unleashed.  You know it’s there; it never left..

Take it back.  Work with it.  Improve it.  Leverage it in all you do.  It’s a gift to be used.  A gift to add value to your life and all you do.  A gift to share with the lives of those you touch.

It’s there waiting for you to reclaim it, to flip the switch and reignite it.  Amaze yourself. Take back your power.

Move past the lie.

“The trouble is you think you have time.” - attributed to Buddha

You don’t.  Get over it.  Move past the lie. Start living with an appreciation that every minute is a gift – because it is.

Become accountable – to you – for how you use your time.  Develop discipline.  Understand the urgency to engage the gift you possess today.  There is no certainty for tomorrow.

It is, after all, your wonderful life.

Why submit to what you fear?

“You can fail at what you don’t want so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love.” - Jim Carrey

You decide.  Pursue what you don’t want, or attempt  what you love.  Why continue the journey knowing the path you follow leads to a place where you don’t want to go?  What’s holding you back?  Fear?

Know that the time will never be quite right for change.  Know that change will be inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Take the chance; pursue what you love.  Why submit to what you fear?

Get the prize you want

“If you allow others to define your goals you end up holding a prize you didn’t choose and don’t want.” – G. Richard Shell.

Live your dream.   Design life on your own terms rather than cede the choice to another.

When you live within someone else’s plan, you subjugate your dreams, your hopes, your desires to the limits of another. You constrain possibility and risk missing opportunities that could enlarge your life.

Solicit ideas from others, but make sure you take the time to design your life your way.  Make sure you get the prize you want.

No longer the victim

“In the time you wasted crying ‘Why me?’ you could have become better, stronger, and no longer the victim.”

Knock it off.  Quit whining and whimpering and get moving.  When you’re upset that things aren’t going your way, when you’re angry and unhappy about circumstances, fear moves in.  Fear starts running your life and the vicious cycle begins.

Fear controls your life until you choose to no longer be the victim, until you choose to become accountable for you, and do something.

Take action. Figure it out.  Move forward in the direction of the life you desire.

Being cool rules

“If you feel called to do something, figure it out.” – Jen Sincero

No matter if things are unclear, or you’re not quite prepared, or what’s driving your passion seems ridiculously out of your league, you’ll figure it out.  You’ll figure it out because there is nothing cooler than being exactly what you want to be, exactly in the center of where you were meant to be.

And being cool rules.

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