When you decide

Focus on your own approval

Don’t rely on the approval of others.  When you are at the bottom, they may disrespect you.  In the middle, they may ignore you.  At the top, they may revile you.

You don’t control the opinion of others – whether right or wrong. You only control your own. And your own approval is how you nurture self-esteem, how you progress through life.

Let go of the need to be approved. Get going on the design of your life.  Stay self-aware, trust your instincts, and never fear to make changes when you – not others – decide they’re needed.

What’s worth doing…

Imperfect and okay

There’s a crack in every one of us.  We’re all faulty and incomplete.  If we look hard enough, we can see light coming in through the crack.  We can see within that light and discover a better way to live.

It starts when we quit demanding perfection and start working – flaws and all.  When we quit demanding we only encounter perfect circumstances.  When we quit demanding perfection from others.

Life is never perfect, neat and orderly.  We live in measures of chaos, within and without.  But we can work within that chaos.  We can do great things.  We just have to recognize that what’s worth doing is worth doing imperfectly.

Next year

What’s ahead?

 Q: What’s the difference between those who can’t read and those who don’t read?

A: Those who can’t, can learn.

 For those who don’t read, is it about carelessness, lack of hunger for knowledge, poor habits and discipline?   For those who won’t, is it willful refusal to grow; a stubborn, proud ego getting in the way?

 What will change you in the next year, in the next five years, is more about the books you read and the people you meet.

What have you read lately?

Move away

Move to the edge

There is constant pressure to conform.  Even those with radical points of view inevitably institutionalize their position and move to the center.

But originality happens on the edge of reality.  Discovery is disconnected from the conventional.   Opportunity rarely shows up by playing in the middle.

The best comes from pushing the edge. Every day.

The problem

Don’t let facts get in the way of your narrative

You can shoehorn facts to fit your story.  You can omit what is inconvenient and cleverly twist the truth.  You can engineer whatever you want into your narrative.

The problem is that scripting your story makes you confront ignorance, awareness and honesty.  The ignorance of possibly not knowing the fuller truth, the awareness of having the desire to see the larger reality, the honesty of being able to look at yourself in the mirror.