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Start saying no

“Start saying no.”

Value time.  You get 24 hours every day, and for a third of that you’re sleeping.  If you’re focused on a life of results, you use your time carefully, you appreciate the value you both give and get in those 24 hours.

Those who get things done cherish and prioritize their time.  They understand its value, they understand the dear cost of time misspent. Those who get things done say no to the trivial, say no to distractions and diversions.  Saying no gives them the space to say yes to what’s important, what creates value, what catapults their lives forward.

Time is precious. Use it wisely. Start saying no.

Why not dare?

“Lame, vague goals produce a lame, vague life.”

People wind up where they are because of what they’ve done or what they’ve failed to do.   Why do so many fail to create definite goals that would, if pursued, transport their lives beyond their wildest dreams?  Is it because designing clear, compelling goals creates tension – the tension of  then knowing the gap between where they are and where they could be?   Is it the tension of knowing they have to get off their butt and do something if they want to really rock their world?   Why do so many choose to just stay stuck in a lame, vague life?

You are in charge.  Where you take your life is directed by the dreams and goals you create, and the actions you take to follow and fulfill them.   Nothing happens until you first dare to dream.  Why not dare to dream?  Why not dare to dream with a deadline?

Keep kicking butt

“ ‘I tried’ is the poor man’s ‘I kicked butt.’ “ – Jen Sincero

And that’s why they’re poor. Trying is not enough.  Those who kick butt don’t try.  They push themselves, and then push again, harder;  they keep evolving.  When they reach a new level of growth and start getting comfortable, they get uncomfortable and push again.

You have a choice. You can push forward, continually, and keep reaching new levels of growth, of achievement, of excellence.  Or you can make modest effort, hit a new level, and then stay put in your new comfort zone.  Recognize that staying put is staying stuck.  Recognize that if you’re not growing and moving ahead, you’re dying and falling behind – often in a barely detectable inch by inch decline.

However you choose, know that just trying is not kicking butt.  Kick butt.

Get aligned

“A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.” – T. Harv Eker

No one makes it on their own.   We are all part of a magnificent, interconnected chain of energy.  When we align with that energy we experience abundance in its many forms.

We get aligned with, and attract, all the cool, positive energy surrounding us when we take the time to be grateful.  Our gratitude – for people, events and experiences that surround our lives – triggers in us a receptivity to abundance.  Today, open your heart, take the time to appreciate the wonders that already exist in your world, and cultivate within an attitude of gratitude.

Excellence lives on the other side of certainty

“If you can’t fail, it doesn’t count.” – Seth Godin

We’ve all heard of someone born on third base who thought they hit a triple.  Delusion.

Seeming achievement in the presence of certainty is just another day.

Move beyond certainty.  Raise the bar and test yourself.  Risk failure.  Discover the life of excellence; one found when you move beyond a sure thing.

Powerful enough?

“I plant my seed of courage in the belief that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.” - Magnus Christian

With courage you step forward and change events.  You change the course of history in the face of challenges, difficulties, and seeming impossibilities.   With courage you change yourself.

Yet courage is only as powerful as the strength of your beliefs.  Courage is predicated on certainty –   certainty of  the validity of your beliefs, certainty of your conviction that you can boldly step forward and make a difference,  certainty of your ability to somehow summon the power to accomplish what you set out to do.

How powerful are your beliefs?  Are they powerful enough to do anything you set your mind to?

Become accountable to you

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” - Curt Cobain

Wanting to be someone else is the denial, and rejection, of the gifts you possess.  You deny to yourself, and the world, the privilege to know the full awesomeness of you.

Why not discover, appreciate and cultivate the wonders you possess?   Why not share them with your world?  Why not become accountable to you?

Because you can

Blame no one.  Expect nothing.  Do something.

And give thanks.

Get occupied with doing.  Just doing.  Not blaming others if or when or how things go off course – and they will.  Not expecting someone to notice, to pay attention, to appreciate your effort.

Just do it. Do it for you. Do it because you can. Because you, and your world, become better when you just do it.

You are unstoppable

“At the end of the day there’s another day.” - Hugh MacLeod

Yesterday you thought that if hell exists on earth, then you know what it feels like.  The pain, palpable.  The fear, unrelenting.  Yet here you are today.  You passed through the fire.  You’re ready to step forward once again and face what shows up.

Don’t let the bad days hold you back.  No matter how long the day, how dark the night, you will make it to morning. You will greet the rising sun, embrace your day, and move on with your life – to your goals, your dreams,  to the precious moments with those you hold dear.

You are unstoppable.

Just be you

“Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.” - Judy Garland

You have a comparative advantage over everyone.  You possess a unique combination of strengths and capabilities – assets combined that no one else has.

Find your strengths. Embrace them.  Leverage them.  Don’t waste time trying to fit or mold yourself into the abilities of someone else.  Don’t try to compensate or struggle to do things that don’t align with your unique assets and passions.

You work best exploring your talents, doing what you’re good at,  pursuing what excites and turns you on.   Grow that advantage – it’s your unique life.

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