No free ride

Why aren’t you?

If the best in the world are working their butts off to succeed, why aren’t you?

Then again, maybe you are.  Maybe you start earlier, and stay later.  Maybe you prioritize what you want to do, and then find a way to get it done.  Maybe you surmount levels of high difficulty by continually becoming more capable, more resilient and mentally tough.

Don’t say you want to succeed if you’re not ready to pay the price.  There is no free ride.

Lighten the load


Once you realize you don’t have to start from the beginning,  life gets easier.  The load lightens.

You can start anywhere, but you have to start.

The key to getting things done, the key to any achievement  is to start.

Start somewhere. Start anywhere. Nothing shows up, nothing ships, until you start.

Say it. Expect it.

Say it

Self-talk and affirmations are powerful.  They create the momentum for miracles.

Make your inner dialogue more than wishful thinking.  Create intention. Incorporate action.

Say it.  Expect it. Put things in motion.  Get the ball rolling and make intention a reality.

No one else can do it.  Only you.

Make it a habit


Avoid low frequency people – you’re electric

Eat healthy –  use higher octane fuel

Exercise frequently – it helps you think clearly, act with energy

Embrace quality relationships – make the right connections

Lose the drama – life’s too short, so just move on

Give up bad habits – you’re not a junkie

Read more

Write more

Listen more

Call your mom or someone dear – show your love

Most of all, learn to love yourself – make it a habit


No excuses

Congratulations.  What you learned yesterday is largely irrelevant.

No one cares how smart you were yesterday.  What matters is the progress you’re making today.

It’s time to move forward.  Otherwise you’re losing ground.  What you learned yesterday is meaningful to the extent that you build on it and move beyond it today.

No excuses.

You don’t need more data

Data gets us the Kardashians (from Seth Godin)

I have nothing against the Kardashians.  I applaud their pluck, their entrepreneurship, their ability to print money by doing little more than showing up.

But if you’re focused on the number of friends and hits and views. if you’re focused on the number of opens and clickthroughs.  If you’re focused on the metrics of social media, you’re on a race to the bottom.

Those who seek to add value, to challenge the status quo, to add value to the lives of themselves and others. Those who create art.  Those who seek to make a difference in the lives of others are the ones committed to the longer view, committed to changing their world.

You don’t need more data.  You need more content.  That’s how you change the world.

Mix it up

Don’t be a prisoner of your source

Every source of information contains some degree of bias.  Don’t become a victim of bias.  Mix it up.

If you’re not rotating your regular sources of information, you’re at risk.  You’re at risk of deluding yourself.  You’re at risk of filling your head with just one point of view.   You’re at risk of misdirecting your critical thinking.

It doesn’t matter whether your sources are online, or in print, or on the media.  All contain biases, all have – and sometimes push – their own point of view.

You want more.  You want your own point of view.  If you regularly depend on CNN, flick the channel, get out of the rut – try FOX once in a while.  If the NY Times is your go-to authority, why not try the Wall Street Journal, or some other source, for a different point of view?

Expand the sources that flow into your head.  Your world is too big and too wide for narrow thinking.

Quit trying to be good

You don’t need to be good

You need to be you.  You need to be all the person you know you are, the person you know you can be. 

When you decide to be the authentic you, and let go of who you pretend to be.  When you connect with who you really are, and what you can do, and where you want to go.  When you choose to reveal and release that genuine giant inside:  Everything changes.

Quit trying to be good.  Be you.

Do it

Pick up the phone

When something needs to be done, do it.  Doing it is what separates you from most people.  It drives your success.

Don’t play passive.  Don’t start the job, and then walk away.  Don’t just leave a voicemail, or email or text, and convince yourself you at least tried.  Trying is a start, not an excuse.  You have to get things done.  You have to accomplish, to make the connection, and fulfill.

Win the battle that no one sees, and too few attempt.  Complete the cycle.  Finish what you set out to do.

Let it consume you

Choose what you love, but….

It takes as much effort to do the work you hate, as to do the work you love.

The challenge is that what you love to do needs to get better – every day.  You need to get better and more capable so that you can follow what love, and let go of what you hate.  Otherwise, it’s just a pleasant distraction, not a life pursuit.

Becoming excellent at what you love to do grows that passion, engages your heart and mind, and turns a job or career into a calling.

Every day, you choose.  Choose what you love, but only if you’re willing to grow it, only if you’re willing to let it consume you and change your life.