It’s about what you do

“Only the ideas that we actually live are of any value.”  - Hermann Hesse

Getting ahead means getting started.  It means not only dreaming, discovering, and creating ideas, but also becoming passionate about their possibility, and igniting them with action.

Thousands of people dream great ideas, every day.  But ideas without action wind up in the graveyard of good intent.  It’s not about what you intend, it’s what you do that counts.

Banish the trolls

“Don’t feed the trolls.” - Austin Kleon

You did something remarkable.  You feel good about your accomplishment, about how it showcases your capabilities, knowledge and skills.  Along the way someone shares that they like your work, and then reminds you to not quit your day job.  Sound familiar?

Energy sucking trolls live among us. They don’t enable, they just inject a context of negativity and fear into our lives.  Don’t feed them, don’t engage them.  Let them go away, let them disappear back into the cracks along the periphery of life.

And remember to banish the troll who tries to live in your head too.

You are your currency

“…if you can build a good name, eventually that name will be its own currency.” - William Burroughs (to Patti Smith)

It’s not about the school you attended, or your resume, or where you live.   It’s not about the car you drive or the last event you went to.   It’s about you, the you people see, the one they in some way connect and interact with.

People eventually break through the force field, the shield surrounding your life.  They get to see, or experience, the real you.  So keep your name clean.  Connect it with good work.  Resist compromise.

Let who you are become your currency.  And let the riches flow.

Love your mojo

“Why overvalue what you’re not, and undervalue who you are?”

Play to your strengths, to your talents, to what stirs your soul.  It’s easy to get distracted, to start focusing on  - propping up – where you’re weak, rather than perfecting where you’re strong.

It’s more than a distraction, it’s an avoidance of where you should be going;  a hesitation, a delay, a sidetrack on your journey.  It’s caused by fear; fear of failure, fear of incredible success.   So you hedge your bets, get good at lots of things yet fail to excel with your strengths, your passions.

And while it’s good to develop complementary interests and skills, to explore new capacities and capabilities,  it’s not so great to do it at the expense of your mojo.

Love your mojo, that inner magic sauce that separates you from the pack.  Perfect it.  Value who you are, rather than patch up what you’re not.

Why not for you?

“No free lattes.”

You graduated with honors, top percentile.  You received awards of distinction, and moved on to a coveted job.

But as time moved forward the playing field leveled.  You were good, very good – once.  But now good is no longer good enough.  The awards and distinctions, the prestigious job title, along with $3.60, will buy you a grande latte at your neighborhood Starbucks.  Same as everyone else.  There are no free rides, no free lattes.  Get used to it.

What got you there before won’t get you to the next level today.  You have to be better.  You have to grow.  You have to show increasing value to yourself, to the marketplace.   Otherwise you fall behind, get lost in the shuffle; and there are many scrambling to take your place.

Why not grow?  Why not become better, become more?  If not for the marketplace, why not for you?

Consistently choose to be loving with yourself and others

“When you consistently choose to be loving with yourself and others, you will experience real love.”

Realize and respect an appropriate set of priorities. Invest yourself accordingly. Choose your battles, choose your life.

From our friends at Mind Body Green:
Are you in love or emotionally dependent?

Expectancy theory revealed

“If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that.” – Goethe, and shared by Magnus Christian

A giant lives inside you.  A giant to awaken, to reveal to both yourself and to your world.  Everyone has a giant inside, but for most the giant sleeps.

You have capabilities beyond your imagination.  Even today you have some clue about your powers, some notion of the person you can become.  But until you expect more from yourself, that giant slumbers.  Until you step forward and take some risks, take action, gain knowledge and self-awareness, and begin to prod and poke and test the power inside, it remains dormant.

Why not expect more?  When you expect more, you become more. You awaken and unleash the giant inside

Why not now?

“Don’t wait until you know who you are to get started.” – Austin Kleon

The pathway of life is littered with the souls of  those who waited, who hesitated, who resisted the urgent  pull of the divine.

There is no certainty in life. You can’t go back in time and recreate what could have been.  Opportunities show up and then disappear when you  fail to act. Why wait?  Why hesitate?  Why not now?

It’s just hard work.


“Hard Work” – from Darren Hardy


The secret to success is no secret, no formula from a book, no incantations for supernatural powers of attraction.  It’s just hard work.  Affirmations, and vision boards, and fostering attractor factors have their place, but are not the core source for success.

The simplicity of how to succeed can be difficult to accept.  You read dozens of self-help books, and watch hours upon hours of inspirational videos, and hit the seminar circuit to hear the wisdom of self-improvement gurus because you’re looking to crack some magical code; you convince yourself that the formula for success has to be complicated.  But until you gather the courage to simply step forward, roll up your sleeves, and embrace difficulty and challenge, not much will change in your life.

So read, study, and get inspired.  But know that getting busy, getting personally committed to the long, difficult hours of effort is what truly starts the flow of success in your life.

The ugly truth about those white lies


“Make your move, not excuses.”

There are few things more pathetic than making excuses- those clever little lies you tell yourself, and share with the world.  They make you smaller.

If you’ve screwed up, face the music and move on.  If you’re hesitant to take the action you need to take, face that too.  Confront your reality, live in your truth, and stop the game playing with all those cute white lies that seem so logical, so rational, yet are so deadly.  They’re not so cute when they derail your dreams.