See things differently

Ignore the menu

See things differently.  Be crazy enough not to order from the available options.  Order your own creation.

If you’re out to make a difference, out to change your world in some way, don’t conform to common tastes.  You need to choose better than comfort food.  You need to go boldly beyond that bland, small stuff that everyone pursues because it’s so predictable and safe and easy.

Think big, live big.  Act bold, aim high.  What’s on the menu is not the breakfast of champions.

Multitasking is a big, fat lie

Multitasking is a lie.

A big one for me.  Maybe you too. It’s a lie for us all.

When I try to multitask, I don’t outperform; I get terrible at everything.  It becomes my stage to screw up more than one thing at a time.

Yes, I’ve read the blogs and articles and testimonials extolling the virtues of doing many things at once.  For me, multitasking is not a way of life, it’s a way of lie.  

“To do two things at once,” said the wise ancient, Publius Syrus, “is to do neither.” My money’s on him.

Find out what makes a difference

Be indifferent to what makes no difference.

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment.  To embellish the importance of a situation, a decision, an effort required.  To see with eyes that fail to look deeply.  To think less critically.  To refuse to step outside of circumstance and view more objectively as an outsider and not a participant.

Try harder. Think more critically.  Challenge yourself to deconstruct what you’re struggling with. Determine just how important, how critical, how urgent the moment truly is.

Stop getting wrapped around the axle with things that make no difference.  Stop majoring in the minors.  Find out what truly makes a difference, and place your focus there.

Show your power, say less

Show your power, say less

When you try to impress with words,  you lose control.  The more you say the more common or foolish you can appear. 

Powerful people impress with less.  They resist getting chatty.   They create an attraction with others by their skill at listening, by their spare use of words.  They speak when they have something to say that adds value, not to fill space.

Show your power and authenticity by listening more and saying less.

I’d rather wear out than rust out

I’d rather wear out than rust out.

You too?

Life’s about creating, connecting, collaborating.   It’s about the deliberate daily discipline of taking action, moving forward, and resting just long enough to think, to pursue the habits of personal growth, and recharge.

Life’s about pushing through limits and pushing past the edge of yesterday’s boundaries.  It’s not about staying static in a comfort zone, living in fear of change and difficulty.

It’s ultimately about embracing challenge, connecting with people in an attitude of love, and being grateful for one more day to make a difference.

Get what really matters done

Busyness is a poor proxy for productivity.

Don’t fool yourself with being busy.  Only outcomes count; and of those, only the ones that have priority and importance. 

Playing with busyness is a superficial and deceptive game of self-preservation. 

Get focused, concentrate, and do the deep work.  Get what really matters done.

Clutter creeps


You can’t design an optimal life in the midst of clutter.  Get organized.

Clutter creeps.  It invades and compromises every aspect of your life:  your work, relationships, finances and so much more.

Organize.  Clean up how you use your time.  Clean up your finances.  Clean up your relationships.  Don’t forget to also clean your desk and personal space.  And while you’re at it, make your bed.

How much of you today?

How much of you are you going to put into today?

Decide.  Don’t depend on circumstance and see what happens. Don’t roll the dice and put your future in the hands of chance.

When you give everything you’ve got into your day, you become a different person. You become alive, happier, grateful.

Why not live deliberately?  Why not live with the intention, and resulting action, of being fully engaged?

Is your thinking in synch with your appetite?

Change the scale of your thinking.

Thinking small means living small.   Small dreams lead to small plans.  Small plans lead to small actions.  Small actions lead to small results.

If you are happy with small, that’s okay.  But if your dreams are bigger, you have a problem.  You have to start thinking bigger.   You have to close the gap. Your mind has to catch up with your appetite.

Is it time to rethink the scale of your thinking?

Show us that you care

What makes you great is how you make us feel.

Your advanced degrees, your applied research, your compelling logic and supporting data convey convincing power.  The work you create is impressive. And yet, so what?

We want to feel good in your presence.  To feel supported and enabled.  To feel motivated and inspired by your example, and as a result push ourselves to move beyond the ordinary.

.We want to feel inside that you care, that you connect, that you engage.

Don’t tell us what you’ve done, or what you’re going to do.  What makes you great, what makes you extraordinary, is when you show us that you care.