Life moves fast

Seek the small joys

Think small.  Value your time.  Be fully in the moment.

Finding joy is less about feasting at a banquet, and more about the unexpected surprise from the small morsel that engaged and delighted your senses.

The cult of supersizing is a pathology.  The need for bigger and faster, the desire for shock and awe, distracts from finding unexpected joy in the tiniest moment, discovering significance in what at first seemed insignificant.

Life moves fast.  If you don’t stop, if you don’t become aware and fully in the moment, you could miss it.

I’m not a finished work

It’s progress, not perfection

I’m a work in progress, and sometimes I forget, or get confused or a bit delusional and think I’m fully finished.  They’re the days when I start to slide.

I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not perfect, nor ever will be.   I’m not done.  Besides, life is too pressurized and complicated when you try to be perfect.

Today, and every day, is a day to learn, to grow, and get better in some way.  I’m on a journey where the only finish line is my mortality.    I’m on a journey where my real competition is me.

See what can be

Stretch your vision

See more than just what is.  See what can be.  See possibility.

Those who choose to live without limits must first choose to see beyond the limits others choose to see.

You either stretch your vision, or smother your dream.

Get the yes

Go for no

Learn to love the no. Welcome it daily. It’s the first step to yes. Keep a quota of how many noes you need every day to get to the yes.

Loving the noes doesn’t feel natural, doesn’t feel good at first, so you have to work at it. It’s contrarian.

The deal is that if you’re not getting enough noes, you’re not asking enough. And if you’re not asking enough, you’re missing out on the yeses.

Work the numbers. Go for no. Get the yes.

There’s power in it

Do your work

There’s power in it.  Work that may, or may not, be not found within your 9 to 5.  Maybe it’s the things done purely from passion.  Maybe it’s the extra effort you take within that extra window of time you make within your busy day.  It’s what gives deeper meaning and larger purpose in your life.

Maybe it’s art, or a craft, or the act of giving back in some way to your world.  You do it, and keep doing it. You do it even in those infrequent episodes when you’re not in the mood.  It’s what drives and inspires and fulfills you.

There’s beauty and power in doing work you love. It’s your gift to yourself and your world.  Keep doing your work, all the time.

Just try something

How can I know what I think until I see what I say? (attributed to E.M. Forster)

Sometimes you have to figure things out as you go.  Sometimes no amount of advance thinking and brainstorming can pull things together.  Sometimes you have to experiment, just try something,  and then choose your next step.

Life is sometimes like driving at night.  You only see a hundred yards ahead, so you drive the first hundred, and then the next hundred, and then the next.  Eventually you see where you’re headed.  The road ahead becomes clearer at each new marker; the destination becomes visible as you get closer.

For most, if you wait for brilliant, innovative ideas and answers to first arrive, you’ll never start the journey.

The difference between success and failure

How’s your timing?

Timing makes the difference between success and failure.   Show up at 8:05 for an 8:00 flight and you’re going nowhere.

Every day, opportunities are lost because of a mistake in timing, a miscalculated priority, a lack of urgency.

When it’s important, let go of the excuse that you don’t have time.   Let go of the excuse that you need more time.  Let go of the excuse that someday you’ll find time.

Achievers know it’s not enough to just launch (an idea, a program, a product), you also have to ship.  How’s your timing?

You grow big by thinking big

Think above the trivial

You grow big by thinking big.   Getting stuck on the trivial is the path to becoming small.

Why be small?  Why fall into the trap of lowering your sights?  Why settle for lots of less?

Stretch your vision.  See what can be, rather than just what is.  Focus your attention on the bigger view of where you can and must go.

Get into the daily practice of asking yourself “How can I do more?  How can I do better?”  And then do more, and do better.

It starts by thinking above the trivial.

Why not start today?

This is the year of you

Has your year started?  Some got off to a false start.  Some are repeating 2016.  Worse, some are still stuck in 2010.   Where are you?

It’s the year when your effort isn’t negotiable, your intentions uncompromising, your progress consistent.   It’s the year of no excuses.

The year is still young.  Have you started?  If not, why not?  Why not start today?

It’s an outcome

Quit wishing 

Start doing.  There’s no greater waste of mental muscle than the endless dreaming of success. 

Take action.  Acquire knowledge.  Gain mastery, and refine skills. 

Develop the time-tested principles of winners –  like focus, preparation and persistence.   Accept the law of cause and effect, and quit blaming luck for what does or doesn’t show up in your life.

Most of all, invest your future time in getting things done.  Do it because you know that success is an outcome, not a wish.