Are you ready to toss the reruns?

“It may not be your fault that  you’re screwed up, but it is your fault if you stay that way.”

So you’re screwed up because of all the dysfunctional habits and behaviors and ways of seeing the world that you learned when you were young.  You had no control over your education and influences in the early years.  But that was then.  What are you doing about it now?

Are you still living a life based on someone else’s beliefs –  still playing back reruns of the show you watched when you were growing up?    Are you ready to look at the less impressive areas of your life and become aware of how those beliefs are limiting you today?   Are you ready to discard the mental junk,  to take a closer look at what’s going on, and open space in your life for new, fresh, enabling beliefs?

Take a stand for yourself

“What’s your story?”

What stories are you perpetuating?  You’re broke?  Stink at relationships?  Suck at some key capability you wish you had, but you don’t?  Some other lame reality?

Do your stories reflect the true you, or how you’ve been misusing the power of thought to sabotage your life?

What do you gain from your stories?   If you tell yourself, for example, that you stink at relationships, do you rationalize that story by telling yourself that you get the have the whole bed and don’t have to share?  What other phony rewards do you script?

Take a stand for yourself, quit the fakery.  Rewrite your stories, revise the outcomes. You can change your attitude, change your thoughts, change your life.

Let go, and move on…

“Forgive yourself.”

You’ve screwed up in the past.  You may screw up again.  It’s part of the human condition.

Get over it.  You’ll recover, you’ll learn, you’ll get better.

Guilt, shame and self-criticism make you sadder, not better.  Release those negative influences – they’re  holding you back.  Learn from your screw ups,  become better, and move ahead with your wonderful life.

Live it your way

“Be yourself. Unless you can be Batman.  And then be Batman.” – fridge magnet

Who are you, anyway?  Is there a superhero lurking beneath the surface?  Are you even more phenomenal than you know?  More powerful than you let on?

Live your life your way.  Don’t let the world corner you into an existence of mediocrity, wimpiness and shame.  Find out what’s inside, work on what’s possible.  Ignite and expand your talents and capabilities.  Push your limits.  What’s the point of living an unlived life?

Try again, until…

“The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing.”  - Seth Godin

Things might fail.  Things might work.  If you won’t step forward and attempt, nothing happens.  You lose by default.

What’s your choice?   Why not try?  And try again?  And try again until…..

How to Get Motivated

There are lots of times in our lives when we’re not motivated, not just after vacation or a long break. And these tips will work for any of those times.

If you’re facing one of those unmotivated times in your life, try these tactics, or a combination of a couple of them, and see if it works for you:

  1. Get lots of rest.
  2. Find a purpose, where you’re helping people.
  3. Get the ball rolling with a very small task.
  4. Ask someone to hold you accountable.

Once you’re back on track, you’ll feel great. Movement begets movement, and happiness as well.
Leo Babauta, Zen Habits, How to Get Motivated after a Vacation

Start – not soon, start now

“Know the difference of go.” – adapted from Seth Godin

What sets you apart is initiative – the habit of go, of starting.  There are legions of great ideas in the graveyard of dreams because the dreamers failed to go, to get started.

It’s not about your vision,  it’s not about the preparation and planning; it’s about saying go, and taking the first step, and then another, and another.

In your world, be the VP of go.  Start stuff, see what happens.  Make some changes, learn, get better at it, try it again.  You don’t have to be Bill Gates, or Howard Shultz or the Google guys – you just have to start.  So start –  not soon, start now.

How will you know unless you learn?

“Get smart- er.”

If you don’t know how to create something great, you won’t.

Until you embrace a lifestyle and inner discipline of being a lifelong learner, you won’t know if greatness is possible, you won’t bother to attempt.

Take time to study, to learn, to grow.  Take time to discover that there is something better than good enough.

What’s holding you back?

“If You Want to Kick Ass, You Must First Lift Up Your Foot.” – Jen Sincero

Kicking butt means getting off the couch, turning off the phone, and doing something real. It means reading the book, acquiring new skills, meeting new people. It means not only designing your plan, but acting on it.

Not much happens until you first lift up your foot, kick your own butt, and get into high gear.   What’s holding you back?

Do it for you.

“Want misery?  Want regret?”

Then be someone other than yourself.

Why pretend?  Why deny?  Why not perfect the one you are?  It starts when you jettison the shell you’re trying to live within and accept the possibility of you.

Do it for you.