What you fail to see

What you fail to see could be costing you.

 What you miss will sooner than later exit your life.

You fail to see because of ego and ignorance.  Your lack of receptivity blinds you to serendipity.

You’re barreling down the road so fast you miss the turn you should take, or the stop you should make.

Slow down.  Lose the ego.  Get curious. Become more aware.

What you fail to see could be costing you.

Who’s running your plan?

Who’s deciding your wealth?

We all follow a plan.  If not ours, then someone else’s.

Wealth, of course, is far more than having money and possessions.  It’s also about the quality of our larger life.

But money is one metric we can measure.  It can tell us how well we use our gifts, how well we add value to our world and ourselves.

So who’s deciding your wealth?  Who’s running your plan?

Show me your books

Show me your books, not your wardrobe


The easiest way to get wisdom is to buy it.  Buy a book. Read it.  Gain the knowledge and instruction of virtual mentors.  Acquire the great wisdom they share.  Then apply what you’ve learned to your own life.


People who have achieved uncommon excellence have written books.   People who have created uncommon wealth have written books too.

They’re instruction manuals –  readily available and cheap to buy; and free if you have a library card.


You do have a library card, don’t you?

It’s about perspective

Is life happening for you, or to you?

How you experience life depends on how you frame what shows up.

Two people in similar circumstances:  one feels abundance, the other scarcity; one takes charge of their situation, the other remains a victim; one feels grateful, the other fearful.

Why?  Or better, why not?  Why not choose to change your perspective?  How you see life is how you experience it.

Beliefs have consequences

Beliefs have consequences.


 Beliefs become behavior.

What you believe changes how you act within and upon your world.  Your beliefs lead you to create, or destroy.


Do you take the time to think critically – to examine your system of beliefs?  Do you take the time to ensure what you believe aligns with fact, with truth,

with your values; and not the undue influence of the crowd and faulty perceptions?


Your beliefs have the power to change your world.  They have the power to change your life.  Are your beliefs leading you to the life you truly desire?

Defy the ending

Don’t deny the story.  Defy the ending.

Every day there’s a story playing out in your head.  It’s the story of your life experiences. It’s a running narrative of what you’ve encountered, and where you’re headed.

You chose how the story ends.  You have that power – but only if you first choose.

No substitute…

Will you wait, decide, or act?

Waiting is what you do on the sofa

with a cold beer in your hand, your

favorite cable channel playing, and

wishful thinking buzzing in your head.


Deciding is choosing the date and

marking your calendar.


Acting is stepping forward, getting

dirty, and making progress toward

what you want.


There is no substitute for getting up

and getting dirty.

Have no shame

Have no shame.

Uncensor your personality. You’re a work in progress – it’s okay if you have flaws.

It’s okay if some see you as silly or weird – maybe odd. It’s not a sin to be different, to be in a continuing state of home improvement.

Go to open mic night, and sing badly.  Many will smile and wish they had your guts.  Some will laugh – that’s their sad problem.

Don’t let the notion of shame and the fear of embarrassment hold you back from having fun and loving your life.

Surround yourself


Surround yourself with people who are kicking ass.


If your circle is filled with whiners and complainers, with those content with what’s safe and mediocre, it’s time to reboot.  It’s time to make big changes.


Unless, of course, you’re happy with whining, and complaining, and making do with mediocrity.  It is, after all, your life.

The unsexy truth


You know the unsexy truth of hard work.


You’re up early, every day – following

disciplines and cultivating enabling habits.


You persist while others drop out.  You

prepare and practice and do all the hard

stuff that most try to avoid.


You’re on the road less traveled.  It’s the

road to extraordinary achievement.  There’s

nothing ordinary about you.