Audacious or average?

Pursue the best

Lots of ideas show up. Many seem worthy at first, but lead to dead ends.  Your job is to filter out those dead ends.

Think critically, look harder.  Look inside your box of ideas for what’s new and fresh, what’s uncontested ground.  If it’s not there, work harder to find it and build it.

Choosing to pursue the best is extraordinarily difficult.    That’s why most chose average.  You have to be bold and brash.  You have to slay sacred cows, create disruption, piss off the entrenched because you decided not to confront them, but to totally sidestep them.  You’ve decided to go for more than a recycled version of what’s already there.

Are you willing to err on the side of being audacious?  What do you have to lose?   It’s either audacious or average, so choose.

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