“When we’re in fear, we hold on to what we’ve got because we don’t trust that there’s more.” – Jen Sincero

Life framed in fear is life framed in scarcity, life lived within limits.  It’s like taking a deep breath and refusing to exhale, refusing to allow more oxygen to flow and nourish your body.

Exhale.  Let go.  Breathe.  When you allow fear to control your life, you hold on so tightly to what you’ve got that there’s no room to get more.

Let go and get more.  The flow of abundance awaits.

Live beyond your label

“What you are is not who you are.” – adapted from conversation between Kobe Bryant and Arianna Huffington – NY Times, Sept 28th.

You’re not what you do.  You’re not the label people stick on you.

What you do today, and every day, is but an expression of you.  What you do is a role you play, and play well.  It’s what people see.  The role you embrace, the work you create,  the accomplishments you realize are evidence of your genius, but they don’t define you.  They don’t define you because your life is larger, with so much more than the limited evidence the world grasps.

Don’t let the world typecast you. Live beyond your label.

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Learn to love you

“It’s great to be here.  It’s great to be anywhere.” - Keith Richards

Love your life.  Don’t let anyone try to mess with it.  Don’t let anyone try to steal or destroy your dreams; and that includes you.

Start to appreciate, to celebrate, just how remarkable you are, and the even more remarkable person you’re becoming.   Become self aware.  Recognize when you begin to tamper with your own goodness, when you dilute the intensity of your dreams.  It can start with something as simple as a self deprecating inner voice, and grow to undermine your sense of worth, of capability and value.

Learn to own your whole heart.  Learn to love you.

  • September, 26th, 2014
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It’s about the the what

“Your job isn’t to know the how.  It’s to know the what…” – Jen Sincero

Most won’t focus on what they want.  They get hung up on the how.  Focusing on the how before committing to the what is insanity.

Getting stuck on how is an excuse to hesitate, procrastinate, to stay planted in the comfort zone and delude yourself that you’re satisfied with what you’ve got.

When you get committed to the what, you attract the how.  You embrace difficulty and discomfort, you face your fears.  You step out on your beliefs, take the first steps forward, and tell  yourself and the world you’re willing to risk failure to get what you want.  And that’s why few attempt.

But you attempt, because you are committed to getting what you want, unshakably  knowing the how will show up.  And it will.   

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Raise the frequency!

“Raise the frequency.”

Abundance is about frequency, about alignment with energy.  Consider that wealth, however defined, is little more than the exchange of energy.  Why is that some do a better job at connecting into that energy?

Is it because while some choose to stay stuck in a low energy state, others, even in similar work or situations, choose to raise their energy level, and connect with higher levels of abundance.  They raise their skills and know-how, they connect with higher frequency experiences and people.  They grow their vision, they pursue life at a higher level, choosing abundance rather than lack.

What’s your frequency?

  • September, 24th, 2014
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Are you ready?

“To be good at something, to do something important, you must first suck at something and have no clue what you’re doing.” - Mark Mason

We hesitate to try because we’re afraid to fail.   Yet failing is the incubator for growing, for getting good.

Those who get good fail a lot, learn a lot, and keep trying.  They focus less on trying harder and more on trying better with each new attempt.

Until you’re ready to fail, and fail again.  Until you’re ready to first suck at something, you won’t get good, you won’t make a difference.  You can’t read enough books, or practice enough hours in safety and seclusion.  You have to step into the ring, take a risk, and become a contender.

Are you ready?

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Is it time for a rewrite?

“You are a victim of the rules you live by.” - Jenny Holzer

Check your rulebook.  What you have embraced, embedded and woven into your life may no longer fit.  They may have worked in a different time, but do they work now?   Are they your rules, or those passed down, or imposed, by another?

If the rules don’t work, why remain a victim?  Why not revise , why not rewrite the rules?

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Are you ready to toss the reruns?

“It may not be your fault that  you’re screwed up, but it is your fault if you stay that way.”

So you’re screwed up because of all the dysfunctional habits and behaviors and ways of seeing the world that you learned when you were young.  You had no control over your education and influences in the early years.  But that was then.  What are you doing about it now?

Are you still living a life based on someone else’s beliefs –  still playing back reruns of the show you watched when you were growing up?    Are you ready to look at the less impressive areas of your life and become aware of how those beliefs are limiting you today?   Are you ready to discard the mental junk,  to take a closer look at what’s going on, and open space in your life for new, fresh, enabling beliefs?

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Take a stand for yourself

“What’s your story?”

What stories are you perpetuating?  You’re broke?  Stink at relationships?  Suck at some key capability you wish you had, but you don’t?  Some other lame reality?

Do your stories reflect the true you, or how you’ve been misusing the power of thought to sabotage your life?

What do you gain from your stories?   If you tell yourself, for example, that you stink at relationships, do you rationalize that story by telling yourself that you get the have the whole bed and don’t have to share?  What other phony rewards do you script?

Take a stand for yourself, quit the fakery.  Rewrite your stories, revise the outcomes. You can change your attitude, change your thoughts, change your life.

  • September, 18th, 2014
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Let go, and move on…

“Forgive yourself.”

You’ve screwed up in the past.  You may screw up again.  It’s part of the human condition.

Get over it.  You’ll recover, you’ll learn, you’ll get better.

Guilt, shame and self-criticism make you sadder, not better.  Release those negative influences – they’re  holding you back.  Learn from your screw ups,  become better, and move ahead with your wonderful life.

  • September, 17th, 2014
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