Make the effort

“Here’s to not waking up at 90 wondering why you never bothered to create a life you love.” - Jen Sincero

What will you do with your life?

Have you taken enough time to explore and cultivate the music inside?  Have you thought about what was going on when you found yourself in your zone –  in flow – when everything seemed so right, so timeless and effortless? And have you thought further about how to recreate that flow as a regular occurrence in your life?

It takes effort to uncover your passions, effort to nurture and cultivate them, and even more to unite them in a life you love.  Make the effort.

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You’re not just anyone

“I don’t count my situps.  I only start counting when it starts hurting.  That is when I start counting because then it really counts.  That’s what makes you a champion.”   – Muhammad Ali

It doesn’t count until  you can feel the pain, the discomfort, the difficulty.   If it were easy, anyone could do it.

But you’re not just anyone.  You’re a champion.

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Every day…

“And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.” - from The End (Abbey Road), The Beatles

Every day you get the opportunity to share your lovemarks with your world.  Every day, you get the chance to make your world a better place.  Every day, you get to both give and receive.

What are you giving to your world  today?

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What will you allow?

“What you allow is what will continue.” – unknown

Until you stop it, what you allow keeps coming back in your life.  The habits, distractions, toxic people, on and on; all the stuff that gets in your way today will continue to get in your way tomorrow – until you change, until you decide to stop the nonsense.

What will you allow today?

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Time to start?

“If we wait until we’re ready we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.” - Lemony Snicket

Everyone who has kicked ass chose not to wait.  They stretched themselves beyond what they felt comfortable doing, and did it.

That how life works.  If you sit and wait, you keep waiting.  Nothing happens until you start.

Is it time to start?

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You can

“Self love means never saying, ‘I can’t.’ “ - Jen Sincero

Greatness begins inside.  It begins with ‘I can.’

You are whole.  You are worthy.  You can.

But you can’t until you decide you can.

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The actions you take, the contributions you make

“Those only are happy who have their minds fixed on some object other than their own happiness.” – John Stuart Mill

Happiness and joy are not goals, they’re results.   They result from focusing beyond yourself, focusing on  things larger than yourself –  and taking action.

The harder you try to be happy, the more distant the result becomes.  Don’t work so hard at it.   Let  happiness joyfully  flow into your life as an outcome, as a result  of the actions you take and contributions you make to your world.

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Waiting is for suckers

“Waiting is for suckers.”

Suckers are the gullible, the easily deceived, those who continue to delude themselves..

Where do you stand? Are you the one who waits, hesitates and delays making your move? Do you deceive yourself, continually thinking something better is just around the corner, so why not wait? Are you the one filled with fear, anxious about making a move that might create pain, might toss you out of your comfort zone? Or are you the one who boldly moves ahead – in spite of limited knowledge and skills, in spite of fear, in spite of the conventional wisdom shared by those hiding in the shadows?

Get out of the shadows. Why delay? Waiting is for suckers. The prize for those who wait is second place. Who settles for silver when gold awaits?

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It’s between your ears

“I’ve been poor and I’ve been rich.  Rich is better.” - Beatrice Kaufman

Why is it that you can find two people in very similar situations, with very similar finances, very similar lifestyles, and yet one is miserable and the other has joy?

Abundance lives between your ears, not between the folds in your wallet.  You grow that abundance – in its many forms, including financial wealth and health – through an attitude of gratitude.

How are you, today, growing your gratitude?

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Moving up or digging deeper?

“Are you adapting to change or digging yourself deeper?”

If you’re not in some way better today than you were last Monday, something’s wrong.  The world has re-calibrated, moved up a notch – have you?  It’s not enough to just be different, you must be better.

Today sets the track  for how you live the rest of your life.  How’s it going?

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