Push yourself

Prove that you care

It’s up to you to believe that what you’re doing matters.  It’s up to you to give a damn and push yourself.

Push yourself to serve.  Push yourself to add value.  Push yourself to prove you care.

The time for empty talk is over.

Begin to walk the way

When you don’t know what to do, try doing something (Hamdi Ulukaya)

Climb out of the hole. Take a step forward, almost any direction will do.  You can correct your course later, but first take the step.

Try doing something, and the energy starts to flow.  Try doing something, and ideas show up, momentum builds.  Try doing something because when you begin to walk the way, the way begins to appear.

Try doing something.

Routine kills


Actively disrupt.  Because it’s so easy to get sucked into suffocating routine. And while some routine may have positive effects – like getting up early to read, write and start your day – routine not managed, routine left unchecked, can lead you to life on autopilot.

Routine kills slowly – so slowly you don’t notice you’re dying. Every day that is routine can be sucking the life right out of you.  It can kill creativity; it can diminish relationships.  It will make life boring and far too predictable.

Get more excitement back into your life.  Explore more possibility, take more risks, find more joy.  Burn the sofa, toss the television.  Get out into your bigger world.  Disrupt your day.

Bypass the dead ends

Talent alone won’t get you there

Knowledge either.  You can be the smartest person in the room, the hardest worker in the firm.  You can possess superior native skills, and grow a powerful network –  and yet still find yourself stuck.

You have to cultivate the inner smarts, the street smarts, the mental muscle and gut instincts.   You have to know which skills to invest in, and which ones to ignore.  You have to understand what matters, and then engage the discipline to pursue only what matters. 

That’s how you gain the momentum to get where you want to go.  That’s how you bypass the dead ends.

Choose both

Kill the censor

Who stopped you today?  Who made you pause, lose track, doubt yourself? 

The inner censor is not always this big bully standing in front of you, getting directly in your face.  Too often it’s this little squeaky voice, whose message starts to send a chill running through your soul.    

You know the voice.  The one which meekly asks “What do you really know?” or suggests you “Think more about what you’re trying to do.” or “Why not wait until you’re better prepared?”   

The inner censor is your persona of fear.  Fear of judgment, disapproval, reproach, and the impending storm of wrath from others.  Make the wrong move and the world you so carefully designed will come crashing.  The censor is what shrivels your creativity, drives you to panic, and convinces you that doing nothing is far safer and far better than believing in yourself.

Life can be both terribly imperfect and fully astonishing.  Choose both, and kill the censor.

Next time…

Show.  Don’t tell.

Words are cheaper than table salt.  Used without sincerity and care, they’re all about a transaction, and not a connection.

Have you ever asked for directions to find your way in a hotel, a store, or someplace unknown?  Have you ever experienced someone who showed up and took the time to walk you to the exact place you needed to go – purely gratis?   Felt good, didn’t it?  Felt like someone cared, right? That’s a connection, not a transaction.  That’s the human touch, a lovemark shared.

We need less talk and more action.  Less talk and more points of connection.  Less talk and lovemarks shared.

Next time you have the chance, show.  Don’t just tell.

How’s your hustle?

Hello hustle (@magnusmagnific)

Those who choose to hit the snooze button will get their lunch eaten by those who choose greater discipline and energy for their life.

Get plenty of sleep.  Manage your energy.  Be self-aware of how you slack.  That cheat, that extra hour in your comfort zone may come at a higher price than you desire.  Left unchecked, slack will steal your mojo.

Seventeen is the year of hustle.  How’s your hustle?

The power of your words

Think more and regret less

Once your words are out, you can’t take them back.  Why start moving your lips before you’ve had the chance to listen and think?

Resist the urge to get chatty before you know what to say. It insults your intelligence. Avoid being snarky, sarcastic and gossipy – hurtful words have a way of boomeranging back.  They undermine your integrity.

In so many areas of life, fewer words connote power.  Short answers and silent pauses, appropriately applied, reveal your inner authority.

Let your words have meaning and influence.  Think more, regret less.

You have the power

The way you carry yourself affects how you’re treated

Every day you broadcast to the world how you want to be treated.  Your confidence, self-esteem and personal authority instruct those around you to treat you with dignity and respect.    You thought those powers were invisible.  They’re not.

How you treat yourself is how others will treat you.  How you treat yourself influences how you treat others too.

You have the power to influence people.  Cultivate it, by first loving yourself, and then sharing that love with those in your world.

Let it go

Dismantle the drama
Let it go. Add some relief to your life.
All the concern on following the perfect script. All the unreasonable expectations, the unnecessary and self-induced stress and conflict. The focus on life being fair.
You don’t need drama to have a full and satisfying life. You don’t need to be trapped by the stuff of life, the effects of toxic people. You can let it go. You can be you – whole and perfect, beautiful and complete.
Let it go.