Careers That Will Keep You Challenged

Is it time to choose a career path? Are you bored with your current career, and seeking a change?

One of the major reasons that many people are dissatisfied with their work is that they don’t feel challenged. Performing the same tedious tasks day in and day out with little possibility of advancement within or simply being bored can lead to misery at work – and, in some cases, poor performance.

However, there are some careers that guarantee a challenge, and if you are the type of person who wants to be tested every day on the job, have to solve problems quickly, and never know what each day will bring, then consider entering one of these exciting fields.


Perhaps one of the most challenging –but exciting – careers out there is in firefighting. One day, you might respond to a minor fender bender and the next you could face battling a four-alarm blaze. Working as a firefighter requires more than just the ability to point a hose at the flames to put them out, though. Fighting fires is a science, and firefighters are highly trained to assess fires, as well as methods for extinguishing the flames, based on type of fire and cause. Protecting surrounding areas and maintaining safety and care of those involved is also a crucial part of this career. Firefighters are to obtain a fire science degree and are trained in emergency management and rescue techniques, meaning that they have to be in excellent physical shape and have skills in problem solving, decision making and resource management.


Don’t be fooled, though, as with those challenges there are just as many great rewards. Is there any better feeling than knowing that your actions saved lives?


Perhaps less demanding in a physical way – and certainly more predictable, in some senses – education is still a challenging career and not one for the faint of heart. Managing a classroom of students of any age or disability is enough to try the patience of even the most serene person, but even beyond that obvious challenge, teaching presents other hurdles. Effective teachers must develop methods of explaining concepts that may be complex in such a way that students remain engaged and enthusiastic about learning – all while dealing with outside influences such as state and national learning standards, administration and parents.

Much like firefighting, though, despite the challenges, a career in education offers a level of job satisfaction that is hard to match. Knowing that you provided the foundation for the next generation of leaders, or sparked an interest for a student that turned into a passion makes all of the challenges worthwhile, and keeps many teachers coming back year after year.


Want a job that has you dealing with life and death situations on a daily basis? Then consider getting your Master of Health Administration.

When you think of healthcare, you might think of becoming a doctor, which is certainly an option (and challenging) but plenty of other roles in healthcare present their own challenges. For example, nursing, projected to continue to be one of the most in-demand occupations in the coming years, is one of the most challenging professions one can pursue. Nurses often need to make fast decisions that may mean the difference between a patient living and dying, while also providing compassionate care to those facing difficult circumstances.

Other roles within the healthcare profession present challenging options as well. For example, emergency medical technicians, or EMT’s, provide first responder services in emergency situations, stabilizing patients who are ill or injured until they can make it to the hospital and receive more intense care. Much like the careers above, the tough decisions made by EMT’s can often mean the difference in life or death.

Almost every career field presents its own set of challenges – working in an office, for example, might seem simple and stress free, but for those who have to manage multiple projects and demands, each day could be a whirlwind of time management challenges. However, some careers, like the ones listed above, present some of the greatest challenges, and when you enter one of those fields, expect that no two days will ever be the same, and that your actions could change lives forever.

This article was written by Allison Dias, who is currently working towards her Masters in public administration degree. She expects to graduate next fall.

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  1. Each one of these careers would keep me up on my toes, that’s for sure. Which may be why I still work at 7/11…

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