Fahrenheit 451 redux

Go ahead, piss somebody off.

I live in an age of the safe space. I  get frightened by those who challenge my thinking, who go after my sensibilities.

Ray Bradbury got it right.  I can get so focused on not offending anyone, I’ll go to great lengths to avoid sharing the inconvenient truths.  I’ll even burn books, or the equivalent.

I must kill the censor.  That inner voice that tells me to be politically correct, that tells me to refrain from difficult conversations, that tells me to ignore those who might seem offensive.

I don’t want to live in a world where everyone thinks the same as me.  I don’t want to disinvite controversy for sake of safety.  I don’t want to become a social justice martyr.

I do want to practice more radical candor, and engage in more difficult conversations.  To bare the truth.  To acknowledge biases, and at the same time respect those who challenge my views.

My life is a social experiment.  Why not test its boundaries?

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