Have fun, but more importantly, be happy.

This may be obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to confuse the two, especially while in the middle of a fantastically fun mess, but fun is certainly not happiness and I’d like to take special care to remain aware of this difference over the next few weeks. I believe happiness is far more important than having fun or being fun. Fun can be a positive characteristic or a good time, but happiness is a fulfilled state of being, fun or not. I could live well without fun, but would be miserable without happiness. Moving forward, I will focus on developing happiness in myself and my environment and will welcome fun only as it serves this greater purpose. Have fun, but more importantly, be happy.

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  1. I made this point to a friend the other day, who accused me of seeking happiness outside myself. That would be downright foolish, every intelligent aware human realizes that happiness is only found in one place: within. However, having fun and the pursuit of a good time should not be confused with happiness, ever. They are separate! for sure! :)

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