Impostors or innovators?

Kill your darlings. – Stephen King

Even when it breaks your egocentric heart.  Kill them.

Stephen was speaking to the need to revise, to make changes to work (in his case, writing).  Yet it applies to all we do.  Everything we do we can do better.  Not perfect, but better.  To be better, we have to lose the ego so wrapped up in what we create.  Creating anything is not about self; it’s about doing the work, and discovering in the process how it can add special value we can share with our world.

Most of the time, genius is found in the act of revision; not in the first cut.  The hunger and drive to create something lasting must be fused with the decision to ruthlessly edit, make changes, and sometimes destroy.  Make the changes until what’s created is as good as can be – for now.

The imposter is so self-confident to think the first cut was a masterpiece.  The true innovator is not so sure, and probably scared.  The true innovator lets that fear drive the revision process to make the work as good as it can be.

The question:  Are we imposters, or innovators?

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