Mix it up

Don’t be a prisoner of your source

Every source of information contains some degree of bias.  Don’t become a victim of bias.  Mix it up.

If you’re not rotating your regular sources of information, you’re at risk.  You’re at risk of deluding yourself.  You’re at risk of filling your head with just one point of view.   You’re at risk of misdirecting your critical thinking.

It doesn’t matter whether your sources are online, or in print, or on the media.  All contain biases, all have – and sometimes push – their own point of view.

You want more.  You want your own point of view.  If you regularly depend on CNN, flick the channel, get out of the rut – try FOX once in a while.  If the NY Times is your go-to authority, why not try the Wall Street Journal, or some other source, for a different point of view?

Expand the sources that flow into your head.  Your world is too big and too wide for narrow thinking.

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