It need not be a rite of passage

Don’t fetishize failure

It’s highly overrated.  Many think they learn from failure.  Many think failure is the equivalent of dues paid today for success tomorrow.  Yet few learn from the tragedy of outright failure.  The problem is that the cause of today’s failure won’t be the same as tomorrow’s.  Circumstances keep changing.  

Real, catastrophic, demoralizing failure need not be a rite of passage.

Far better to learn from the small mistakes, the warning signals, the yellow alerts.  It’s those small mistakes, repeated and ignored, that lead to failure, to loss, to consequential damage done.  Far better to pay attention and pick up the lessons learned from the small stuff.  Far better to stub your toe, and do something about it, than later fall flat on your face.  

Pay attention to the small stuff.  Commit to evolve, adapt, and keep making course corrections.  

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