Never again

Show up anyway

I remember early in my years after college landing a job interview for something that seemed way over my head. It looked like a great opportunity, and I knew I met the general requirements, but I bagged it – took the appointment and then cancelled at the last minute.  I didn’t feel ready to step up to something I never did before.  In reality, I didn’t have the confidence in myself – some might say the balls – to just try.  I let fear rule.  I lost.

Never again.   You learn, the hard way, that you’ll go nowhere special if you’re not willing to just give it a try.   You learn that if you don’t think you’re worthy, no one else will either.  You learn that everyone who steps up to something new is pretty much in the same situation as you – so why not attempt?

It’s easy to concede before you even step into the ring.  Easy to let fear decide your destiny.  Easy to miss out because you weren’t sure you were ready.

No one is ever fully ready.  Only those who win show up anyway.

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