Never underestimate your power


The power of one

Sixty-two years ago today, Rosa Parks, a 42 year-old African-American seamstress, was seated on a public bus in Montgomery, Alabama.  She was in the row behind seats reserved for white people.  When her row was needed to accommodate an additional white passenger, she was asked to move to the back of the bus.  She refused, the bus driver had her arrested, and she was fined for breaking the laws of racial segregation in Alabama.

Her arrest was noted by leaders of the NAACP and others, resulting in a lawsuit, and a 381 day boycott of the Montgomery bus system.  The US Supreme Court later ruled that the bus segregation laws in Alabama were unconstitutional.

Years later, in her biography, Rosa said that she refused to move because she was “…tired of giving in.”  Her refusal to move led to an avalanche of legal and cultural changes that continue today.

Never underestimate your power – the power of one –  to change your world.

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