Words Create Worlds

It is existentially frustrating to imagine that each of us is running around the world, our own individually perceived worlds, trying to connect and communicate with each other. We have developed a system of communication to elicit feelings, thoughts and ideas that we wish to share. However, many times words don’t suffice to convey what we mean. We do not think in words and ideas. We form words and ideas in an attempt to express our feelings. Continue reading Words Create Worlds

Crossfit Benchmark Girls: Cindy

I’m still waiting on my friend Mike to start posting about CrossFit. In the meantime, I’ll plug for CrossFit with this challenge from Aaron. I have two months to prepare for Cindy. Who is Cindy? I’m glad you asked. Continue reading Crossfit Benchmark Girls: Cindy

Tonight I Craved Eggs

I slept in this morning, took my time getting to work, and enjoyed one of my most productive days at work this year. I ignored my alarm, several of them, and for hours a chorus singing songs of guilt and shame. I took my time in the shower and had a late breakfast when I arrived at work. I’m in charge today. Continue reading Tonight I Craved Eggs

Cultivate Equanimity


If your mind becomes firm like a rock
And no longer shakes
In a world where everything is shaking
Your mind will be your greatest friend
And suffering will not come your way.
-poem from the Therigatha

Steadiness and strength of mind in the midst of stress, chaos and uncertainty of life, is not a modest endeavor. However, cultivating an equanimous mind is imperative to a successful and fulfilling journey through life. Continue reading Cultivate Equanimity

Fear of Disillusionment

So Long Social Buttergeoffly
Full disclosure, I’ve gone out the past two weekends and have regretted both. Last weekend, I didn’t really have much of a choice – two of my best friends were visiting. But I am experiencing what feels like the result of a very solid shift from social interest to productive interest. I care less for the trivialities of rampant social fear, formalities and outright dishonesty. Directing effort to personal relationships feels more arduous than ever. This is not how I want to give to the world. Continue reading Fear of Disillusionment

That Time In Nam


American Karaoke
Collect group of friends, preferably your loudest and least inhibited. Go to bar, preferably after a few drinks to loosen up. Select obnoxious song that is worthy of your voice (i.e. Sex On Fire). Take shot. Sing and dance really loudly in front of a large group of people who you fully expect to never see again, except next Tuesday when you come back again to repeat this sequence of events.). Continue reading That Time In Nam

Vulnerability and Connection

In my continuing efforts and struggle to make sense of my very own existence, I invariably return to remarkably rudimentary, yet paramount questions. Why am I here? What must I do? And, how may I actualize these concepts, and increase the ratio of pleasure to pain in my life? My wonder, pursuit and search for answers to these questions repeatedly leads me to the experience of connection– human connection; our ability to empathize, belong and love. I believe connection is why we are here. It gives purpose and meaning to our lives. Continue reading Vulnerability and Connection

Superhuman Powers

I’ve come to realize the one thing that I fear and the one thing that inhibits me. These “one things” are the subliminal reasons for perceived everyday issues. As of late, I’ve tried to make a more conscious effort in recognizing my hang-ups for what they really are. I want to do this so I can challenge them. It is easier for me to overcome an issue that seems like a step towards something huge (battling an inner fear) then to push myself to overcome something that feels petty, vain, or just too simple to worry about (i.e. posting my first blog entry). More on that later. I find it easier to accept my fear then I do to accept my inhibition. I can not change the former and so therefore must find a way to live with it. I can, and I say this because I believe in my own ability despite my contradictory interpretations of my inhibition, change the latter. More on that later as well since “Step 1” here is probably letting the cat out of the bag and stating what these challenges are. (Oh hello couch, this is pretty cathartic). Continue reading Superhuman Powers

Learning to Love Yourself

In Plato’s “Symposium,” Aristophanes, a respected Ancient Greek playwright, submits to the forum assembled around him that Love is when two people find their soul-mate in each other and recognize an ancient bond between them.

The notion of soul-mates has survived to this day, deluding us about the true nature of love. Continue reading Learning to Love Yourself

Mini-Memoir: Leather Jacket

I don’t have many things and generally don’t allow myself to have a relationship with “things”. When I was home for Christmas, I rediscovered an expensive leather jacket that was given to me by a family friend who has died. I liked how I felt in the jacket so I brought it with me to Los Angeles and Dallas and wore it often. Last Monday, I lost my jacket. Continue reading Mini-Memoir: Leather Jacket