As he is, so shall his world be.

I’ve got nothing against seven minutes in heaven or BDSM, but I’ve never liked closed doors and I’ve never liked being tied down. For me, freedom is ability. I want to be able to get up and walk out a door whenever the impulse strikes. But by that same token, I reserve my right to sit still and build.

My father built something great. As a child I’d thought that much was obvious, but I’d come to this conclusion superficially. It’s easy to think a big house and family vacations are a testament to something great, and often they may be. In this case, I was right, but for the wrong reasons. Continue reading As he is, so shall his world be.

I will run the Leadville 100.

For years since over-running my knees on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th of October, 2007 I’ve battled a maddening array of knee, leg, hip, and foot problems. In most cases, when people asked about my injuries, I just told them I had bad knees, because I knew they didn’t have the time and probably weren’t interested in hearing the endless backlog of symptoms and experiences I’d had with my legs. Who likes to hear someone complain? I still don’t think they’d care to hear about my struggles, but more recently I’ve been increasingly excited to talk about my successes. Continue reading I will run the Leadville 100.

Am I Sleeping Too Much?

The earliest I’ve woken up and most refreshed I’ve felt in the last few weeks was after a couple beers, dancing around, and staying up until 2AM. I was up at 7AM after only 5 hours of sleep and was more excited and energized to be awake than last Christmas. In fact, I think I slept until noon last Christmas.

As far as I can tell there were only three differences between a normal over-sleeping night and this refreshingly short night. It’s possible that drinking a couple beers every night would help, but this is unacceptable. It’s possible that I should be dancing, or working out and having fun every night, which is doable. I’m hoping that I’ve actually been over-sleeping, even on attempted 7 hour nights.

Junior and senior year of high school I slept 5 hour nights, but that included a 2 hour nap every day. Freshman year in college, well, I forgot how to sleep. Sophomore through senior year of college I always woke up for class, regardless of how many hours I slept, or didn’t sleep, night after night. Since I’ve started co-oping and working I’ve spent more hours hitting the snooze button than I used to sleep in high school. Maybe I AOL instant messenger again and relentless social curiosity. Maybe I need to sleep less.

How to Say I Love You (Part 2)

I just received a eulogy more impressive and profoundly fulfilling than any I ever could have imagined. I am overwhelmed.

The words “I Love You” can be incredibly powerful. For many of us, forms of love are the only things that really drive us. While some struggle to say these three little words, you have written an essay, dedicated a detailed heart-felt account which will invariably serve to more than drive me. I am elevated.

Unfortunately for some, “I Love You” has come to lose meaning over suffered years of deceit and betrayal. Even casual over-use can degrade the intensity of the emotion you’re trying to share. Someone you love may not hear what you want them to when you offer these three words alone.

For your words, your vulnerability and honesty, I am deeply thankful. I have learned a great deal from you. My world will undoubtedly be blessed by the reverberations of this loving gesture.

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Investing in Bond Securities: What is a Bond? (Part 1)

A security is some representation of financial value. Bonds and stocks are examples of securities. The bond is the contract between the bondholder and the organization which describes how the money credited (invested) will be repayed with interest. Bondholders are creditors to an organization, whereas stockholders have an equity stake in an organization.

Resources and Quotes:

“A bond is a formal contract to repay borrowed money with interest at fixed intervals.”

“…a bond is a debt security, in which the authorized issuer owes the holders a debt and, depending on the terms of the bond, is obliged to pay interest (the coupon) and/or to repay the principal at a later date, termed maturity.”

“A security is a fungible, negotiable instrument representing financial value. Securities are broadly categorized into debt securities (such as banknotes, bonds and debentures) and equity securities, e.g., common stocks; and derivative contracts, such as forwards, futures, options and swaps.”

Santa Barbara Swimming Holes

Personal Favorites
Red Rocks
Three Pools beyond Seven Falls
Ojai Hot Springs
Gaviota Hot Springs

Swimming Holes (link)
Seven Falls
Red Rocks
Sespe Gorge

Running Water (link)
Manzana Creek
Red Rocks
Seven Falls
West Lion Creek
East Fork Lion Creek
Matilija Creek
Upper Tar Creek
Lower Tar Creek

British Petroleum (NYSE:BP) (Part 4)

I sold BP today at $38.66 (7/26/2010 12:39:35 PM) for a 22% net return which works out to 187% yearly ROI. I’m counting this as a successful first adventure in the world of wall street and stock market speculation.

I sold for three reasons:
1. BP topped out at about 39 on July 15th. I expect to see similar resistance to breaking 40. This is based on nothing but pattern recognition and my own intuition about group psychology. I expect these sort of moves to be my strong point seeing as I know very little about anything else in the market.
2.Though this may be a good thing in the long run, I believe CEO Tony Hayward leaving BP temporarily increases risk.
3. Pressure on the cap is increasing. I don’t want to be holding BP when it pops. If it pops and people freak out, I’ll buy again.

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My first Bikram Yoga class!

It’s 3:30pm and I’m crouched over my toilet contemplating relieving my stomach of it’s biscuits and gravy contents. I can’t decide whether a full stomach or throat sore from bile would be more unpleasant while contorting my body for 90 minutes in a crowded, 105 degree sauna. I kneel over the toilet with an “I’m going to die, aren’t I?” look on my face and after a few valiant heaves decide to keep my hands out of my throat and chug water instead. Now I’m bloated with a distended belly and I’m burping re-tastes of sausage flavored gravy. I have less than an hour before my first ever Bikram Yoga class. Continue reading My first Bikram Yoga class!

Inspiration Point Night Hike – July 16, 2010

Began running up to Inspiration Point from the Tunnel Road trail head at 10:30pm tonight without a flashlight. It took me under 9 minutes to the bridge after which point it was soon too dark, steep, rocky, and dangerous to continue running. I crept my way up the rest of the trail and reached Inspiration Point under 42 minutes.

Earlier today I finally understood the significance of what a good friend had recently suggested. I had told him that my life’s work was to empower people. He suggested I inspire people. One cannot be empowered if not inspired.

At the top, I crouched and marveled at the view. I played with my echo and finally challenged myself to scream at the top of my lungs. Then I reflected until the Point had earned it’s name.

Inspiration need not come by demonstration. Inspiration can come by revelation itself. The form of revelation need not be an embodiment or show. It need not be much more than an idea or understanding. A story can be all the revelation one needs for inspiration.

I spent 35 minutes at the top and then began the equally terrifying journey back down. I quickly fell into a wildly naturalistic movement that had me back down to my car in 49 minutes, just 20% longer than my journey up which was almost half running. I stretched briefly, finished the clam of blackberries in my front seat, and headed down the mountain chugging the last liter of Day Shake wondering why I was so incredibly bad at driving. I pulled into my apartment complex at 1am and headed to the pool for breast stroke mini-laps and pool yoga.

What does this have to do with health?
Charging up a mountain, late at night, alone, without a light source, seems like an unlikely but obviously unhealthy decision. In this case, the hike was not about physical health, though I never for a moment stopped checking in with my body. This hike was mentally and emotionally freeing. This was a spontaneous personal challenge which I’ve overcome and now feel more confident for having done so. Perhaps the key to empowerment is little more than inspiration and confidence.