Top 2 Traits of Successful People

A successful person needs to be realistic and disciplined.

It pains me when dreamers are repulsed by the idea that success requires realism and self-discipline. “What about dreams and overcoming adversity and shooting for the moon and landing amongst the stars?” These are all wonderful ideas, but only effective if stars are within range and you’re willing to work to get there. Re-examine your definition of “realistic”. Real is not the opinion of others. It is important that you understand your world and that you know that your goals are realistic. No one else need agree. Continue reading Top 2 Traits of Successful People

Daily Protein Shake Basics

Always hungry? Struggling to find enough protein throughout the day? Want to forget about eating entirely and take protein intravenously? No syringes this time, but I’ve got the next best thing.

Some of you have seen me around town with my Day Shake and others know it only through my blog. For those of you who are new here, let me introduce you to my All-Day Protein Shake. Every morning I blend a balance of whey and casein protein in with a mixture of vitamins and super foods. In this basic introduction, we’ll focus on the protein part.

Basic Day Shake
The primary purpose of the Basic Day Shake is to reduce catabolism and support steady insulin levels throughout the day. This reduces muscle loss during our intentional and unintentional physical-adventures and other unhealthy food hiatuses. Additionally, steady insulin levels thwart insulin resistance which minimizes fat gain for those of us stuck at the office snacking on the abundance of free carbs – your friendly hobbyist baker means well. Reduced hunger is another pleasant side effect of the Day Shake which is especially useful in preventing over-eating at dinner. These benefits combine to help you maintain muscle mass and cut fat by doing nothing but drinking chocolate water all day.

The secondary purpose is to include the majority of your daily value of protein and water. If you were lost on a desert island or ate nothing but cookies all day, the addition of this Basic Day Shake would keep you in top shape. Also, if your day consists of an inordinate amount of carb and fat consumption, increase the ratio of protein to carbs and fat in the shake. This will help you keep a macronutrient balance regardless of your eating habits or the accessibility of healthy food during your busy day.

I mix the following contents in a shaker or blender and carry them around in a Kirkland Signature 4L Water jug with plastic handle.
– 2 scoops of BSN: Syntha-6
– 1 scoop of Muscle Milk: 100% Whey

BSN: Syntha-6
Syntha-6 is my favorite blends of Casein (slow absorption), Whey (fast absorption), and BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids). It includes essential fatty acids and dietary fiber. In addition, there’s minimal sugar.

Muscle Milk: 100% Whey
Update: Muscle Milk has been shown to have an abnormally high heavy metal content – avoid carcinogens. Please substitute whey of your choice. Low carb is preferable.

My Day Shake Daily Routine
I usually work out first thing in the morning which is followed by a substantial breakfast. I eat as much healthy food as I want, including carbs… especially carbs. After breakfast, I make my Day Shake and begin drinking it as soon as I leave for work. Throughout the morning I eat nothing but raw vegetables and drink my Day Shake. If I’m starving I have something more filling like mixed nuts. At lunch I have grilled fish, complex carbohydrates and fat. After work, I usually work out again, immediately follow with fast carbs and protein and take my time getting to dinner. My Day Shake is finished a couple hours before bed. If you’re still hungry before bed, stick to cottage cheese and almond butter.

I promise, once you get over the barrage of “omg, what are you drinking,” you’ll have nothing but love and appreciation for this All-Day Protein Shake and the changes you will notice from day one.