Give back and pay it forward

Mentor someone.

In some way.  Give back.  Return the favor once extended to you.

It could be sharing a simple piece of advice or a lesson learned.  It could be offering support, or taking time out to just listen.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to be someone’s hero, if only for today.  It’s time to give back.

What’s your focus?

What’s your focus for the week?

Are you clear on what you’re doing, and why?   Too many lack clarity, and they drift.  They settle for less than their dreams; they let lesser outcomes suffice.

Clarity is fundamental to you getting motivated, you staying focused on what you really want.   Clarity helps drive you through the ambiguity you inevitably encounter when you’re trying to achieve big things.  Clarity is what keeps you going when you can only see a hundred yards ahead at a time while traveling a thousand mile journey.

Get clear on your dreams.  Get focused on your goals.  Know why you started the journey.  Life becomes more interesting and amazing when you choose to pay attention.

It’s their problem, not yours

People will say you can’t make it.

That’s their problem, not yours.

Don’t let anyone try to cram you into a smaller, less ambitious reality.  Reject unwelcome notions from bystanders and dream stealers.

You have neither the time nor interest to entertain those who show up with an agenda that tries to discourage and disable.

Move on.   Your better reality awaits.

Stay in the fight

You’re never done paying your dues.

Not me, not you.  We’re in this fight because mediocrity is tenacious.  It keeps circling back –  lurking, looking for a door or window left unlocked.

Mediocrity creeps in when we fail to stay self-aware, when we slack on our disciplines and habits, when we get too comfy with where we’ve arrived.

Stay in the fight. Stay aware.  Self-monitor.

Never give in, never give up. You’re never done.

Get good

The goal of life is not to run faster in the rat race.

Some get caught up in climbing the ladder, obsessed with ruthless overachieving. You have to be better than that.  You have to get good at not just climbing, but rising – becoming your best self.

Becoming your best self is not about spending 40 hours a week for 40 years and just accumulating stuff.  It’s about becoming remarkable  – through your personal experiences,  the people you’ve brought into your life,  the wisdom you have achieved, the things you’ve done.

Get good at becoming the better you – your best self.  Create the portable equity of who you’ve become, not just the pile of stuff you’ve accumulated.

Tuition is high, the stakes are real

Mistakes are tuition.

You’ve matriculated into the school of hard knocks.  The tuition is high, the stakes are real.

If you’re not experiencing failure, you’re not putting yourself out there.  You’re not fully engaged.

 The trick is not to avoid failure, but to learn from it, to cope with it, to become resilient and move beyond it.

 The most powerful catalyst for success is failure.

Lift the corner of the curtain

If you’re lucky, gratitude becomes a habit.

There are lots of good reasons to be thankful. You’ve greeted one more day – one more sunrise.  One more series of tests, trials and difficulties you overcame yesterday, and more you are ready to once again embrace and overcome today.

Despite all the screw-ups you’re standing and smiling.

When you practice gratitude, you lift the corner of the curtain that is drawn around your life. You get to gaze beyond where you stand – you get to behold possibility.

So smile, be thankful, and lift the corner of the curtain.

Quiet the chatter

Face the void.

Quit talking.  Quiet the chatter in your mind. It’s time to shut up and get to work.

Let go of ego, get out of your own head.  Become focused on sustained effort, knowing outcomes will follow.

It’s no longer about you, it’s about your purpose, about the longer view of why you’re here and what needs to be done.  It’s no longer about how much you did today; it’s about how much more there is to do.

It’s time to face the void and just get to work.

The flow of favor

You can’t work hard enough to get everything you want.

Favor is currency.   It opens doors.  It changes lives.

Whether divine, or earthly, it’s a force multiplying factor.  Favor accelerates your journey.

Favor requires that you attract it, that you are receptive to it, that you are willing to start its flow by first bestowing some form of favor to those in your life.

What are you doing – today –  to start, or increase, the flow of favor?

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Get confident being uncertain.

Why give up just because something is hard?  Most do, but why would you?

Pushing through difficulty and challenge, getting past what first seemed impossible, is not only what makes you a remarkable person, it is the seed of great achievement, the start of getting what you truly want.