Change is a challenge to everyone

Expect poor treatment

When you are moving fast, when you are breaking barriers and gaining ground, expect poor treatment and abuse from the entrenched.  Expect everything from indifference to outright sabotage.

When you move up, you become a threat to those already there.  You threaten the fragile psyche of those desperately clinging to the ground you are now taking.    Be ready.  Plan accordingly.  And don’t forget to embrace all the good mojo that may also show up from people welcoming you to join the club.

Recognize that change is not only a challenge for you as you move up, but for those already there.  Be ready to reframe expectations, plan your next steps, and navigate the obstacles.

Get to work

Inspiration is for amateurs

The pros show up and get to work.

Possibilities show up when you start.

Do your work. Do it well. Then let go.  Avoid so tightly clinging to what you’re doing that you miss bumping into new possibilities and fail to ride the momentum you’re gaining.

Don’t wait for inspiration.  Get to work, and be ready to kick open doors you’ve never dreamed of

Making progress?

It’s about time

What does your ideal day look like?  How’s it shaping up today?

Is clutter in the way?  Are priorities misaligned with where you want the day to go?  What time wasters are you feeding?  What needs to be jettisoned?

Are you working your day?  Making progress? You drive time, or time drives you.

Never under the bus

Be accountable

Don’t take the “it wasn’t my fault” road tour.   You know the familiar mantra: It wasn’t me, it was really you (or someone else).

Blame and excuses never solve a problem.  They are never the path forward.  Blame and excuses never reveal or cultivate the greater person you are inside, or can become.

You can be right.  You can be wrong.  You can be self-righteous, justified, and equipped with the explanation of innocence.  It doesn’t matter.  When crap shows up in your life, when things don’t go as planned, you may or may not be totally responsible, but you have to be accountable.   You have to figure how to move forward, how to move beyond what happened.  You have to step up and do it, without throwing everyone else under the bus.

Change the game

Get out of your own head

Quit feasting on you own thoughts.   Quit replaying the past and the future.

When you’re stuck in your own head, you’re not present in the moment; you’re not listening, or paying attention to what’s going on around you.  You’re not creating deeper connections. You’re focused on your inner game at the expense of cultivating your better outer game.  You’re constraining the power of your authentic self.

Change the game.  Let go of those tapes constantly playing in your head.  Get focused on where you are today, where you are right now. The quality of your life today, and as you step forward into your tomorrow, need not be compromised by the limits you create in your own head.

Be the pro

Put in the time

If you’re not putting in the time to get what you want, know that someone, somewhere is.  And when you meet, they will win.

Putting in the time defines the difference between the professional and the dilettante.   Professionals stay focused on what they want.  Professionals practice and prepare to get it.  Professionals make the extra effort and get things done.  Dilettantes dabble and talk a good game.

Dabbling is not the same as putting in the time.  Dabbling won’t get you there.  Be the pro that you are.  Put in the time.

Firing full throttle

Always be learning

It’s not how much you know, it’s how little.  How much open space to fill in order to become more, to do more, to create greater value.

Maintain the student mindset.  Be a lifelong learner.  Read books.  Have mentors.  Embrace advisers and teachers.

The mind, left to its own devices, can turn to mush.  Exercise it.  Keep the synapses firing full throttle.

Stand out

Embrace your funk

What makes you different?

Discover it.  Work on it.  Perfect it.  Approach your world as only you can uniquely do.

Most people are obsessed with fitting in.  Most want to do what everyone else is doing, becoming what everyone else wants to become.  Most will never dare to stand out in the crowd.

But you’re not everyone else.  Make that funk of yours a powerful lever for success.  Stand out in the faceless crowd and thrive.

No free ride

Why aren’t you?

If the best in the world are working their butts off to succeed, why aren’t you?

Then again, maybe you are.  Maybe you start earlier, and stay later.  Maybe you prioritize what you want to do, and then find a way to get it done.  Maybe you surmount levels of high difficulty by continually becoming more capable, more resilient and mentally tough.

Don’t say you want to succeed if you’re not ready to pay the price.  There is no free ride.

Lighten the load


Once you realize you don’t have to start from the beginning,  life gets easier.  The load lightens.

You can start anywhere, but you have to start.

The key to getting things done, the key to any achievement  is to start.

Start somewhere. Start anywhere. Nothing shows up, nothing ships, until you start.