Dare the effort

“Make it your job to do what you don’t want to do.”

Few get up an hour earlier each morning – to start the day and engage the world while most stay cozy in bed.  Few will embrace the difficult task when an easy way out is in sight. And fewer still will dare the […]

Why be stuck?

“If you’re in your head, you’re behind enemy lines.”  - Mel Robbins

Get out of your head.  Get into the world.  Until you embrace life on a larger level, until you choose to become intimate with the world surrounding you, you remain stuck.

Why be stuck?  Why not discover fresh ideas, enlightening experiences, new people?  Why […]

Will we whisper or shout?

“It makes little sense to dream small.” – Angelica Powers
Why do we settle for less when more is there just for the asking?   Why do we fall into the trap of dreaming small?
Is it because we focus on lack instead of abundance?
Is it because we won’t acknowledge just how worthy we are?
Is it because […]

Believe in tomorrow

“Change is another name for hope.”   

Believe in tomorrow.  Believe in tomorrow because you intend to be part of it.

There are those who have abandoned hope, who no longer dream for tomorrow.  There are those who cannot reach tomorrow, because they live passively within limits of mere fantasy.  And there are those, like you, […]

Stay hungry

“Want power creates willpower.” – Nido Qubein
Desire and enthusiasm drive you.  That hunger, that excitement for more, for better, are what incite you to awaken a little earlier each morning and get started, once again, on the design and forward progression of your life.
You must cultivate a craving.  You must elevate your desire.  You […]

How deep is your reservoir?

“Get smart.”
Trusting your gut is not the same as flying by the seat of your pants. Yet many – maybe you – make crucial, life altering decisions daily with little knowledge and sketchy research.   
Trusting your gut is not an act of blind faith, it’s not placing your fate at the mercy of your […]

From fear to fire

“Turn your fear into fire.”

Fear is the precursor to possibility.  It’s the energy that we can yield to, and allow it to limit our lives by doing only what’s safe.  And it’s also the energy we can reframe – to become the push we need to escape the ordinary and become extraordinary.

When you face […]

Why get stuck?


So make sure that the greatest pull on you is the pull of the future.” – Jim Rohn

Why get stuck in regret of the past?  Why become consumed with the routine of the day at the expense of your dreams?

Take time to dream.  Take time to create the vision for your future.

Dreams create the […]

Slackers need not apply

“What’s comfortable is rarely profitable.”

The road to riches – however defined – is paved with obstacles to be overcome.  It’s not the path for slackers, for those who seek comfort instead of challenge.

But those difficulties, those challenges, yield to discipline and persistence.  Barriers break down when focused effort is applied.

If you want more, you […]

Why not today?

“Why not today?”

Whether saving for a rainy day, or working out to improve your health, or taking the seminar that didn’t seem so important before, but is now crucial to your future – why wait?

Why wait until it’s too late, when the opportunity is now clearly in view?  Why wait until it’s difficult, when […]