Never, ever quit

Learn to rest, not to quit

Know the difference between letting go and giving up.

Letting go is freeing yourself from what no longer works.  It’s giving yourself permission to move on, to expand your life and to try something better.  Giving up – quitting – is selling yourself short.  A response to fear, it’s telling yourself to shrink within a world of self-imposed limits.

Sometimes you need to pause, think critically, and get recharged.  Sometimes you need space to reflect on next steps.  Sometimes you need time to regain authority over self.

Learn to let go, learn to rest, but never, ever quit

Get swept away

Experience the unknown

It’s dangerous business going out your door.  What’s your tolerance for ambiguity?

Most have an emotional discomfort with the new and unknown.  Most would rather hold on to their security blanket than venture far from home.

Yet ambiguity is a powerful catalyst for personal growth.   Ambiguity forces you to get clear on your goals and dreams – the reason you push beyond your comfort zone.   It forces you to take risks and acquire new knowledge and skills.  It forces you to reach beyond where you are today, and find new or additional mentors, coaches and enabling associates.

You don’t know how far you can go until you dare to experience the unknown.   Surprise yourself. Walk out your door and get swept away into something new and wonderful.

Go off script

Wing it

Sometimes you just have to wing it.  To be brave enough to improvise, to spontaneously step forward in a better direction.  Sometimes when you stick to too much structure you get stuck.  When the time is just right, when you’re given the moment to set aside your carefully crafted plan, and just ad lib, it’s tempting to hold back, be safe, and not release that creative, innovative juice you have inside.

Get better at winging it.  Go off script a little bit at a time, and keep going – get good at it.   Find that you can trust yourself to creatively improvise when the moment is right – when winging it will create far more impact and deliver far greater value than just sticking to the plan.

Staying on plan can be an inhibiting crutch.  Learn to wing it. 

Get better

Measure your performance

We think we’re doing fine, and then the numbers come in.  Oops!

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.  You can’t be accountable for what you’ve done until you know what you did.

Part of self-awareness is tracking what you’ve done, and checking the feedback loop.    It could be the check boxes on your to-do list, or on your goal sheet.  Maybe your bank account numbers tell a different story.

Get clear on what you’re doing. Track what you’re doing.  Monitor and measure what you’re doing.  Get accountable.  Get motivated.  Get better.

You’re in the arena

Learning is about repetition

 It’s not enough to read, listen and practice, and then just nod your head.   You have to be committed to repetition. Learning, gaining knowledge, gaining competency and getting stronger in what you do is about doing something enough that it becomes unconscious.  It’s about doing something enough that it becomes pure memory – whether mind or muscle.

Most won’t train.  Most won’t drive the discipline to repeat and train, to increase their load and level of difficulty.  And most won’t become progressively smarter, stronger, more capable, and more resilient.    

You’re different.  You take the time and make the effort to go at it again and again and again some more.  You learn, you grow, you prevail while others drift.

You’re in the arena while the others have moved to the sidelines.

Your message to the world

You attract into your life what you are

Be the person you want to become.   Start now.  Start living as if you are already that person, because inside you are.

A diamond is a diamond is a diamond.  Found in the rough – raw, uncut, and not polished – a diamond can look like an ordinary rock.   But a diamond’s inner nature is still that of a diamond.   And with the right application of discipline and effort it can reveal its true brilliance.

You are that diamond.  Do the work to attract and be the person you want to become.  Reveal your inner brilliance.    Let your own life be your message to the world.

Discipline enables choice

The discipline of delay

Delay can be okay if it’s disciplined delay.

There’s nothing noble or worthy about pushing crap out the door for the sake of just getting it done.  There’s nothing noble or worthy about holding back and not taking action because we’re scared.  Hesitating has its roots in fear –  fear of not being capable, fear of criticism, fear of not doing things perfectly.  Being in a frenzy to just get something done is driven by fear as well.

We walk the fine line.  The line between taking the time to be thoughtful and creative, and pushing forward to get something done and off our list.   If either our delay or our action is based on fear, we  get less than the results we desire.  If they are based on discipline, we’re moving on a better track.

Discipline gives us the choice to take immediate action, or take our time.  Discipline gives us the certainty that what we do, or wait to do, is not based on fear, but our purposeful choice.

Discipline dissipates fear.

The importance of the insignificant

The significance of the insignificant

Pay attention.  Sometimes the casual details have a way of becoming the critical dependencies.  Like checking the oil in the car before a long trip; or actively listening to that final sentence shared by a friend or client or business associate.  The one that, if you heeded the advice or warning or invitation, might prevent a misstep: or maybe open the door to an opportunity bigger than you could can imagine.

Life moves fast.  It’s easy to miss what’s important; particularly the small events and details that you’ve grown accustomed to ignoring.  The stuff you filter out and relegate to unimportant minutia when you’re running on autopilot. 

What important insignificance are you missing today?  Is it time to tune up your filter?

Today it’s time

Take charge

Take charge of your life.  Take charge of who you want to become on the journey to where you want to go.  Take charge of what you intend to accomplish, and goals you intend to reach.   Know that where you’re going today is far more important than where you’ve been and what you did yesterday.

Know too that no one is going to take the journey for you.  No government.  No bureaucrats.  No teachers or celebrities du jour or self-appointed sages.  It’s your journey.

Think critically.  Discern for yourself the direction and values and goals you will embrace for your journey.   Read more.  Learn more.   Surround yourself with a diverse and genuine group of friends, mentors and people of influence.  Prioritize what matters, focus on what’s relevant for you.

Let go of the noise and chaos that gets in the way; all the fluff and crap that attempts to distract and misdirect you.  Today it’s time to follow your own path.

Anxiety can be a gift

 Don’t calm down

Get focused.  Channel your nervous energy into something productive.  Use that energy – it’s a valuable lever for creating meaningful change in your life.

Anxiety is a useful tool.  In some ways, it’s a gift.  It’s telling you something is not quite right, something needs to change.  Maybe you need to change too.

Reframe your anxiety into a challenge to change. See possibility instead of the need for tranquility.  Instead of denial, or the desire to smother it, step up to your anxiety.  Understand why. Discover what positive outcomes can you now create with your gift.

If you don’t take the initiative, the status quo will persist.