Break out of the bubble

You get there by working for it

Not wishing for it. 

Why do so many sit on the sidelines, reluctant to step out on the field of play and get their hands dirty?  Why do so many resist embracing difficulty – to do the hard work that needs to be done?  Why do so many avoid the risk of failure, and in doing so, forfeit the possibility of triumph?

Many refuse to recognize that the bubble of safety is a cone of silence – a vacuum.  A place where nothing grows, nothing thrives, nothing special gets done.

It’s time to break out of the bubble, take some risks, and join the game.  But only if you’re willing to work, willing to embrace difficulty, and get your hands dirty.

Time to start planting seeds?

What can take place without change?  (Marcus Aurelius)

What comprises today is neither sustainable nor desirable for tomorrow.

If tomorrow is to be better, you must once again embrace change.   You must move beyond today’s survival mode, step forward and embrace the inevitable chaos that change creates.

Change, disruptive and chaotic, contains the seeds of innovation, greater effectiveness and higher measures of success.

Is it time to start planting?

No one…

No one is born a victim

Decide.  Be the author of your life or be the victim.

It’s about choosing your role in the events in your life.  It’s about owning outcomes.   It’s about being accountable for everything that happens, whether in your control, or not.

Decide, because no one is born a victim.

Give light

Give light, and the darkness will disappear

It’s up to you to light your world.  To defy expectations and project the fire of possibility into a world too focused on doom and gloom.

It’s up to you to create your better you.  To contribute to your better world –  no matter how seemingly small – and make a distinct and positive difference.

It’s up to you to act.  Act, because talk is cheaper than table salt.

The one thing

What’s right now?

Today, what’s the one thing in front of you?  What’s that one goal, that if you completed it today, would take you closer to the tipping point for your big goal?

Today, what’s the one chief action you can do that will enable you to accomplish today’s goal?

Today, why not give that one action disproportionate time?

If you’re committed, you know your priorities.  If you’re committed, you know everything outside that action distracts you from reaching your goal.

What’s right now?

Politicos not required

“A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.” –  Thomas Jefferson

Today, in election events across America, some politician will win, another will lose.  Today, make sure your future is not determined by the crowd-pleasing promises and plans of any politician.

You know what happens when you entrust your future to someone else’s plan – not much.

Place your destiny in your own hands, and get to work.  The life you desire can be won.  It exists. It is possible.  It is real.  It’s yours.

Politicos not required.

Make today every day

Fall 7 times, get up 8.  (from Paulo Coelho)

Today you get a free pass to screw up, to make mistakes, to fail and try again.  Today you get to suspend all self-judgment, silence the inner critic, and let go of your inner censor.

Fall seven times, get up eight.  What matters is that you try, you persist, and you get something done.

Make today every day.

What can you do today?

What’s your next step?

Too many create elaborate to-do lists, goals that fail to describe what’s doable, what’s next.  Too many get so focused on the longer term big picture that they fail to see what they need to do today.  They get lost in the clouds.

Extraordinary achievement is about taking the stairs, not the elevator.   It’s about taking one step after the other.  Simple, right?   So why do so many make it complicated, make it hard?  Why do so many fail to see those doable next steps they can take today?

Achieving stretch goals, and moving into the realm of dreams and possibility, is more about taking the series of next steps – one after the other – than taking the quantum leaps.  Quantum leaps often show up after a series of next actions – they reveal themselves at the tipping point of the climb.

Get focused on what specific next actions you can do today.  That’s how you get to the big picture.

Easy peasy

Opportunities show up as work

They come disguised as effort, engagement, and challenge.

They don’t show up as mystical dreams, or a flash of lightning, or some game show host knocking at your door, handing you the keys to your wonderful future.

You do the work, you uncover the opportunity within the challenge, you create your future.

Easy, peasy.  All you have to do is the work.

When you reach inside


Screw-ups happen.

The opportunity you were waiting for somehow escaped your reach.  The flight was cancelled, you missed the phone call, someone didn’t keep their promise.

That’s when you reach inside.  That’s when you reach for your disciplines – the enabling habits and behaviors you maintain no matter what happens.

The grit to persist when everything seems to be falling apart.  The strength to start again, only better.  The knowledge and curiosity to discover one more path.

There is incredible power in persistence.  Too many stop the disciplines when they feel they missed the opportunity, when they can’t find the evidence it even exists.  Too many forget that our disciplines, our persistence, drive opportunity – and ultimately success.

But not you.