Q: What is the secret of power?

A: Service

Because all true leaders are servants.   Because in service we discover and reveal the true power we have inside. Because, ultimately, what we get in life results from what we give.

Demand nothing, get nothing

Define reality, or just restate it?

It’s our attitude of mind which determines the experiences we meet.

The world is harsh to the extent that we fail to believe in our power and assert ourselves. When we demand nothing, we get nothing.

We have to demand room for our ideas, act on them, and make our desired experiences happen.

Stop caring, start doing

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

When we give in to our fears, we let go of our dreams.

We have to stop the stories spinning in our head, let go of the control we give to our thoughts, and quit feeding the fears that keep us from pursuing a better path of purpose and joy.

It’s time to stop caring about our thinking, and start doing what we fear.

Learn to laugh

Don’t take anything personally.  – Don Miguel Ruiz

Reminder:  Nothing other people do is because of you.

Grow a thicker skin.   Resist the temptation to be drawn into drama.   Don’t be prey to the predators.

At the same time, seek to understand before you judge.  Know that the opinions of others can be windows to insight.  Most of all, learn to laugh rather than cry.



If not you, then who?

Trust the work

Your work.  If you don’t, who will?

Don’t let the advice of others, however well-intentioned (or not), knock you off-course.  Don’t let self-doubt lead you to quit.  Resist the enemy – the perfectionism that causes you to hesitate and postpone.  Let the knowledge of your imperfection drive you to keep raising the bar, to set your sights higher on the next attempt, and achieve greater than ever imagined.

Too many find themselves stuck on the treadmill of the unfinished life.  Too many live in regret of what could have been.   Too many live in the fear of their own success.

You have to take the risk to try, and just trust the work.

Is there a connection?

Refuse self-chosen ignorance

Pick up a book.  Read it.  Then pick up another, and read that too.

Fast Company recently reported that the average CEO reads about 60 books a year.  A number of studies report the average American reads four or fewer books a year; and far too many Americans are broke.  Is there a connection?

Don’t be average.

The path of integrity

Ego or truth?

Ego is about who’s right.   Truth is about what’s right.

Ego demands that I be right.  Truth demands that I first seek to understand.

Living in personal truth demands I follow a path of integrity.  Not a path of convenience or manipulation or the preservation of my fragile ego.   It’s the path where I’ll never get lost.

Get in the game


It’s less about how well you play the game, and more about the game you choose to play.

Too many find out too late that they’ve worked too hard trying to win the wrong game.   Too many engage endless effort because they’ve put striving ahead of strategy, velocity ahead of direction.

Get in the game that synchs with your strengths, that sparks your curiosity, that challenges you to grow.  Let that alignment feed your passions, and lift your soul.

Think critically, think strategically, and get in the game you truly want to play.

Sometimes, most times

You have to play hurt

No one gets through the day unscathed.  Physically, mentally, socially.

But if you intend to stay in the game, you have to learn to move through pain and discomfort – however it shows up.  You have to learn to persist, to keep moving, no matter the circumstance.

Every world-class athlete knows this.  Every high achiever knows this.

To those focused on excellence, there is no alternative. Sometimes, most times, you have to play hurt.

Be a pro

Pay more attention to the swing than the shot

Master the fundamentals.  They create consistency and repeatability.  They reduce the dependency on mere luck.

Getting a hole in one is more often a lucky shot.  Consistently winning tournaments is about paying attention to the habits and disciplines that improve the swing, that enable mastery of the fundamentals.

The pros focus on mastery.  Amateurs rely on a good share of luck.  Be a pro.