Is your thinking in synch with your appetite?

Change the scale of your thinking.

Thinking small means living small.   Small dreams lead to small plans.  Small plans lead to small actions.  Small actions lead to small results.

If you are happy with small, that’s okay.  But if your dreams are bigger, you have a problem.  You have to start thinking bigger.   You have to close the gap. Your mind has to catch up with your appetite.

Is it time to rethink the scale of your thinking?

Show us that you care

What makes you great is how you make us feel.

Your advanced degrees, your applied research, your compelling logic and supporting data convey convincing power.  The work you create is impressive. And yet, so what?

We want to feel good in your presence.  To feel supported and enabled.  To feel motivated and inspired by your example, and as a result push ourselves to move beyond the ordinary.

.We want to feel inside that you care, that you connect, that you engage.

Don’t tell us what you’ve done, or what you’re going to do.  What makes you great, what makes you extraordinary, is when you show us that you care. 

Are you ready?

Every new level of life you desire demands a different you.

What got you where you are today won’t get you where you want to be tomorrow.

You have to change, you have to become more than you are today.   That means new skills,  greater knowledge, larger networks, and focus on personal growth and maturity.

Every new level requires that you step up. Every new level requires that you prepare, practice, and then move higher.

Are you ready to engage change?  Are you ready to do the hard work?  Are you ready to create the different, the better you?

The path in front of you

What are the experiences you desire?

Goals aren’t endpoints.  They’re milestones on the pathways leading to experiences.

Living at a higher level is about having beautiful, rare experiences that uplift your soul, expand your imagination, and open your eyes to greater possibilities.

But you can’t experience the marvel of sunset on a mountain peak until you’ve first learned to climb.  You can’t experience the love and acceptance of friends until you first learn to love and accept them.

Decide, what experiences do you desire?  Then discover what  you have to do.  Discover what disciplines you must follow, what goals you must pursue – every day – in order to own those experiences.

That’s the path in front of you.

Mistake or decision?


Was it a mistake, or a decision?

Only you know.  The rest of us just see outcomes.

Mistakes and errors and misadventures are part of your growth cycle.   But that cycle is about learning from mistakes, and trying again, only smarter and better next time.  It’s not about repeating what didn’t work the first time again and again.  Errors in judgment repeated day after day are decisions.  They’re no longer random circumstance or a string of bad luck.

The key to excellence is learning from mistakes and failures, and then choosing a different and better path.  


Get your mind outside the bubble

Make more of the world part of your world.

Maybe it means you travel to a new geography. Maybe spend time in a different neighborhood.  Don’t depend on the internet or books, movies and magazines to be your eyes to the larger world.

Immerse in a different culture.  Gain mental diversity.  Connect and engage with people who are different from you.  Learn a new language.   Eat foods your grandmother never dared to try.

Until you get outside the fishbowl you’re living in, you’ll keep seeing the world through thick and distorted lenses.   Until you get outside your head, the rest of the world remains an abstraction.

Why not choose to know more of the real world – with real people and diverse cultures and new points of view?  Why not open your mind to the world outside your bubble and let it soar?

Be a connector, not an end point

Don’t turn into human spam

Sometimes – no, most times – it’s better to shut up and listen.

Be a contributor, but know you’re walking a tightrope.  You’re somewhere between the extremes of hoarding and spamming.

Let your contribution be one of a collaborator, or co-conspirator.  Be part of something greater than yourself.

Make your voice  a connection, not an end point.

Anyone can accelerate, but few do

Get back what you thought you lost

And then push ahead.

Time is relative.  There are people who  figure out how to accelerate, how to jump ahead of time.  There are people who take action to not only recover time they thought they lost, but gain back even more.

It’s about thinking, prioritizing and acting in smart ways.  It’s about leveraging the quantum physics of success.

Why do some people get more done in four hours than others accomplish in forty?  Why do some accomplish much more by age thirty than others by sixty-five?

It’s not necessarily because one works harder.  But it is correlated to working smarter, making better moves, and fast tracking through shortcuts and time wormholes.  It is correlated to not just filling the time allotted for a task, but finding ways to sequence more in the same amount of time; which is essentially finding ways to travel ahead in time.

Anyone can accelerate.  But only those who think critically, and act fast and smart, actually do.

How about you?