No substitute…

Will you wait, decide, or act?

Waiting is what you do on the sofa

with a cold beer in your hand, your

favorite cable channel playing, and

wishful thinking buzzing in your head.


Deciding is choosing the date and

marking your calendar.


Acting is stepping forward, getting

dirty, and making progress toward

what you want.


There is no substitute for getting up

and getting dirty.

Have no shame

Have no shame.

Uncensor your personality. You’re a work in progress – it’s okay if you have flaws.

It’s okay if some see you as silly or weird – maybe odd. It’s not a sin to be different, to be in a continuing state of home improvement.

Go to open mic night, and sing badly.  Many will smile and wish they had your guts.  Some will laugh – that’s their sad problem.

Don’t let the notion of shame and the fear of embarrassment hold you back from having fun and loving your life.

Surround yourself


Surround yourself with people who are kicking ass.


If your circle is filled with whiners and complainers, with those content with what’s safe and mediocre, it’s time to reboot.  It’s time to make big changes.


Unless, of course, you’re happy with whining, and complaining, and making do with mediocrity.  It is, after all, your life.

The unsexy truth


You know the unsexy truth of hard work.


You’re up early, every day – following

disciplines and cultivating enabling habits.


You persist while others drop out.  You

prepare and practice and do all the hard

stuff that most try to avoid.


You’re on the road less traveled.  It’s the

road to extraordinary achievement.  There’s

nothing ordinary about you.


There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking from what you’re capable of becoming.

There’s no reward for life in the shadows.  Life in the shadows is life lived vicariously, life not engaged with the world as your authentic self.

Sometimes you have to turn off the social media you and discover the real you.  Sometimes you have to step outside the electronic closet and discover the amazing person you’re fully capable of becoming.



Withe the gifts from your heart

Abundance doesn’t come from your job.

Abundance shows up in the quality of your experiences. It comes from your connections with friends, family and all those you meet along the way.

The currency of abundance is the love you give, and the love you get back.  It cannot be bought with money, it’s earned with the gifts from your heart.

Pay it forward

Pay it forward


Be generous.


Be selfish enough to get your work done, but be as generous as you can.


Share the measures of your successes.  Make yourself available to others.  Offer kind words of encouragement.


All you’ve achieved is partly – maybe mostly – because someone, somewhere reached out and offered a helping hand or a kind word when you needed it.


Now it’s time to give back.

Jump in and get dirty

Get beyond the dream.


Dreams are just sparks. You have to feed the fire.

It’s not enough to play dreams out in your mind, to repeat

affirmations, and put goals on a vision board.


Many deceive themselves. They think dreaming is as good

as doing.


Get beyond the idea of success, and move into the pain

that drives it. Embrace all the stuff that sucks. You won’t

get there unless you jump in and get dirty.

Lose the trolls

Don’t feed the trolls.


You know who they are.

The ones who create the noise

and distraction.  The ones who

tell you – perhaps in veiled

language – that you suck.

The ones who try to trip you,

whose actions work to disable you.


Lose them.   Let them go away.

And if you can’t physically

escape them, set up a mental firewall.

Don’t let them live in your mind.  Don’t

give them a voice in your head.


Lose the trolls.