It’s what I control

I’m not changing their story.

I’m changing mine.

It takes too much energy to change someone’s story of me.  It doesn’t work anyway.  I’m spending that energy moving forward with my own story.  I prefer to have fun cultivating my own life, than trying to get in line with someone else’s expectations for mine.

People develop their own story of me.  It’s flawed, a fabricated tale, filled with biases and wrong-headed assumptions.   I can’t change what they think.   I’m too busy focusing on me and my story.

That what’s I control. Me and my story.

When it’s time for change

The way we’ve always done it.

Habits are helpful until they’re not.

Keep checking their freshness label.  Monitor their usefulness.

Every now and then we fall into a rut. We get stuck and the world starts passing us by.  We get too comfortable with the way we’ve always done things.  We need regular disruption, regular course correction.

If we’re too cozy in our habits, it’s time for change.

Boxing Lessons

“Young man, young man, your arm’s too short to box with God.” – James Weldon Johnson

None of us are as all-knowing and powerful as we think.

We need not accept self-imposed limits, but we must learn to accept that which we cannot change.

No exclusive rights

The freedom to abstain
Harmless habits or destructive addictions?
If you’re checking your email, social media and texts every three minutes, is it choice or addiction? And that ongoing distraction with gossip, political drivel, and what the Kardashians are doing today?
Substances and alcohol don’t own exclusive rights in the realm of addiction. You have the right to reclaim your freedom. The freedom to abstain.

Drive to the end game

What’s your end game?

Knowing your end game is no guarantee you’ll get there, but not having a clue guarantees you won’t.

Plan with the end in mind.   Know your intentions.  Get clear on your goals.  They’re what give you purpose and direction for what you do, and why, day in and out.

Drive to the end game.  Don’t be driven to failure.

Maybe it is the right time

Not too late, not too early

It’s never too late, nor too early, to change.  There’s no time limit.  You can change or you can stay the same.  However you choose, refuse to live under the cloud of regret.

But if you’re not making the best of your life, maybe it is the right time to change.

Life moves fast

Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?  Emily Webb, character in Thornton Wilder’s play Our Town

Life moves fast.  If you don’t pay attention, you might miss it.

It’s already Day Two, and the clock keeps ticking.   How’s it going for you?

Every day

Day One

It’s always Day One.  Make sure every day is Day One.

Because Day Two is about living in the middle ground, maintaining the status quo.  It’s about instituting bureaucratic rules and processes.  And moving into painful decline, and eventually death.

Day One is about obsessing with excellence, knowing trends, doing high velocity decision making.  There’s no time to consult committees, or exercise reasonable caution, or take the time to ask permission.

Never ask permission.  Unless you prefer Day Two.

Stop Complaining

We forget

We have the power to change everything in our lives.    We can make different decisions, and then act on them.  We can choose how we react to circumstances and change how we experience our world.

We must stop complaining, start making better choices, and begin to act.