The curated collection of experience

Any fool can learn from his mistakes (von Bismarck)

Let go of the failure porn.  Take the treatment.  Lose the obsession with failure as the way to get excited and aroused about taking action.

Don’t wrap your head too tightly around the idea that “failure is the stepping stone to success.”   Failure happens – many failures happen on the journey –  but there are detours and better roadmaps to also consider.

Why not learn from others?  Why not read more?  Books are the curated collection of human experience.  Writer’s share from their life experiences – what’s good, what’s bad, what to avoid or do differently.

Is it time to invest in a new book?

Each day in the present

We have no delete key

But we do choose whether we’ll stay stuck in the circumstances of the past, or keep moving ahead into the future.

We can’t undo the past, but we can choose whether we’ll live in anger, regret and mourning for what once was.  We can choose whether we’ll change the trajectory of our lives.  We can choose whether we’ll start each day in the present and simply not look back.

Control how it ends

Be the hero in your own story

No matter how difficult, how miserable, how messy your story runs, be in control of how it ends.

Some things are in control of others, some not.  It’s not the events of life that disturb and create pain, it’s your judgments concerning them. The one thing you can control is your judgment – of circumstances, of others, of yourself.

When you acknowledge that anxiety and conflicts arise from within – from your judgments, perceptions, and how you choose to react to them – you begin the process of controlling how your story ends.

Why not idea therapy?

States of panic are special

Appreciate them.  Revere them.  They’re not only warning signs, they’re catalysts for positive change.  Panic is when you’re forced to face reality, when you’re forced to get stronger, and summon the strength you have inside to meet the challenge you face.

Inside you have powerful forces available to you.  They’re called ideas, innovation, and creativity.  They lead to decisions.  When you’re in crisis, it’s time to become an idea machine.  It’s time to confront the problem and do something – not deny it or run from it.

You know the potential crises looming in your life.  Why not exercise some idea therapy and get ready to deal with them before disaster shows up?  It’s in these moments that your destiny is shaped.

Begin the change


If you loved yourself truly and deeply, would you allow yourself to experience unhappiness and misery?

The answer should always be no.

Have you created a mental loop that daily reminds you to love yourself?  Do you look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love you?

When we love ourselves, we connect with our higher self.  When we love ourselves, we move beyond our situation, and begin the change for better.

Why not run with it?

Don’t edit the possible

Accept what shows up. Try it out.  Take it for a test drive.

Resist trying to edit the possible.  Dismiss the urge to alter and dilute it by injecting your fears, considerations and biased preconceptions into the mix.  You can kill the magic formula, and miss out on what could have been.

All the good things you possess are the result of someone, somewhere who was crazy enough to explore possibility; to just run with that idea that others called ridiculous and impossible.  Why not you run with it too?

Never stay stuck

It’s never too late

Sometimes I procrastinate, or make a bad decision or travel down the wrong path.  I don’t like it, I work hard to avoid it – but it happens.  What I’ve learned is that I don’t have to own a bad choice forever.  I can start again, even if late.

Starting late means I have to adjust.  I have to suck it up and get going.  I have to account for time lost, and how that now changes how I move forward.  My steps may be different than if I had made a better choice in the first place, but I can start – somehow and in some way.

Staying stuck with a bad choice is never a go-forward strategy.  It’s never too late.

We create the odds

Circumstance or self-inflicted?

We fail more than succeed.  Some failures are circumstance.  Some random.  Some self-inflicted.

We work the odds to deal with circumstance and randomness.  We create the odds with our decisions.

Careless decisions create unwanted outcomes – failures.   They reflect how we think, and how we then choose.

We need to think better and then decide better.   Why be a casualty of self-inflicted failure?

See with fresh eyes

Take a walk

It’s the tonic you need for your mind and body.  It gives you the opportunity to just breathe and sort things out.  It’s the time you need to let your mind soar and think critically.  Besides, it’s good for your health.

We get so obsessed with the minutia of life, and fail to see what is right in front of us.  We fail to step outside of our biases, assumptions and preconceptions – and just see with fresh eyes.

Take a walk. Breathe.  Give yourself a chance to see solutions and possibility from a better perspective.