Be ready to ride the surge

Labor Day, Schmabor Day. 

I respect those who work hard – everyone who puts in the time and effort.  Everyone who intimately knows the struggle.

I also know the easy day was yesterday.  Labor Day is a time to recharge, but it’s also a time to get ready to re-engage at a higher level.  No matter our age.

To re-engage not in mere survival mode, but to re-engage and discover greater possibility within ourselves; to be always ready to seize opportunities that suddenly present themselves.

Opportunities show up unexpectedly.  They occur in cycles of surge and stall. That’s why we don’t want to be caught napping.  If we’re not out there, ready to ride the surge, we’re certain to fall with the stall.

Get ready, stay patiently persistent and engaged at full throttle. Be there to ride the surge.

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