It’s your life

Time brings clarity

You pick a direction; you start down the path.  Over time, your journey becomes more fully revealed.  Maybe you like where you’re headed, maybe not.  Maybe you’re stuck and not going anywhere special.

Sometimes your purpose, your “why,” is not clear.  Absent an answer, you pick a direction, a path to travel.  Time brings clarity.  If you discover today a new or greater purpose, something that drives you, and you now don’t like where you are, and where you’re headed, you can change your mind.  It’s your life.

Most won’t

Will you?

Anything is possible if you’re willing to pay the price.  Most won’t.

Most won’t give up their disabling habits, won’t rearrange priorities and manage their mind and their time.  Most won’t decide, won’t let go of the trivial to possess the best.   Most won’t step beyond their comfort zone.  And they live beneath their dreams.

What do you really want?  Are you willing to pay the price?

You can’t fake it.

Take control of you

Don’t back down from the sharks

They’re circling you – every day.  Waiting for you to panic, to flounder, to show fear.  Then they pounce.

Every day you swim with sharks.  Some are bullies.  Some are hyper-aggressive types.  Some are just trying to survive at any cost.  They want to eat your lunch, and prevail in their zero sum game – at your expense.

You can swim with the sharks without getting eaten alive.  Don’t feed them.  Don’t show fear.  Don’t overreact to their moves.   Get on with your life – take control of you.  Pursue excellence in your own way.  Acquire the knowledge, tools, and capabilities to get along and work with sharks – to succeed in their presence, in spite of their presence.

Are you ready to swim with the sharks?

Be that someone!

The antidote to stress is death

Quit whining.  We’re all overloaded and stressed in some way.  Some figure it out, and learn not to resist, not to give in and adapt to a life of compromise.  Some choose to harness and direct the energy of stress to get motivated, to find answers in the problems they face, to create positive outcomes in spite of stress.

Many don’t.  Many choose to look outside themselves.  Many place blame, and dodge accountability.  They spend more time being pushed around by a stress response – like emotional and physical health ailments –  and less time taking effective action.

But some choose to reach within and find their power.  Some choose to see possibility within problems.  Some choose to act and thrive instead.

Be that someone!

One at a time, over time

Discipline or habit?

Discipline is hard.  Habits become second nature.  Far better to use the discipline early to build not only habits, but the right habits.

Habits become the levers you use to keep you going when you don’t feel like going.  Habits form the foundation for your response when crap suddenly shows up and you know how to react.   Habits have a way of building on each other.  One at a time, over time.

Super-successful people aren’t superhuman, but they have developed significant habits.

Break the bonds of fear

Don’t be afraid

Fear will limit you.  It will put you in a box in the corner, and reduce your life to mere routine.

It doesn’t take a lot of courage to move beyond fear; you just have to take the first step in the right direction – and then another and another.  One step at a time, until you’re ready to make big leaps.

Try things, experiment, fail, and try again.  Act on your intuition. That’s how you break the bonds of fear.  That’s how you live your truth.

Driven to distraction

Divided attention

How many brain channels can you run at the same time?

Just because you can walk and talk at the same time, doesn’t mean you’re doing both in world class order.  You can’t focus exclusively on both.  That’s why if you’re texting and driving you’re doing neither very well.  You’re driven to distraction.

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing with your full attention.  Multitasking takes a toll on your effectiveness, and undermines your outcomes.

Want better results?  Get focused.

Ask the better question

Extraordinary results require a great answer
What’s the question?
Your ability to create great answers is only limited by your capability to ask better questions. Those who live on the outer limits of achievement are there because they took time to think critically, to do the research, to seek possibility. They ask the questions that exist outside convention, outside their comfort zone.
Ask the better question. The great answer is a new answer.

Possess the courage

Will it matter?

If it won’t matter in five months, is it worth being upset about it for another five minutes?

Gain perspective. Look further into the future. Make a judgment call on what matters.

We waste too much time, devote too much energy, churn too many cycles, on things of too little importance. We fail to think critically, to prioritize, to possess the courage to let the insignificant go.

Next time, ask yourself: “Will it matter tomorrow?”


Make your bed

If you want to change the world, begin by making your bed.

Big accomplishments start with small, seemingly insignificant disciplines.  One after another, those mundane habits create a powerful cumulative effect.

You’re not ready to face the constant stress, chaos, failure and hardships on the road to excellence until you’re ready to make your bed.