To which half do you belong?

Learn more by reading and less by schooling

School is a great place to make friends, to meet and engage with interesting people, and sometimes to learn.  I may be an outlier, but I’ve encountered more towering intellects and mentors in books than in the classroom.    

Are schools relevant to the process of learning, of gaining knowledge?  Maybe, maybe not.  Attending class may add some structure to the learning process, and the earned piece of paper is too often too necessary in order to move forward in the marketplace.  But the classroom is not sacred, and not the final solution to learning, achievement and the pursuit to becoming remarkable.

How many books did you read last year?  Studies vary, but most report the average American read about 5.  That means half read less, and half read more.  To which half do you belong?

Excellence and achievement are, in many ways, the outcomes of discipline, knowledge and self-control.  Books play a critical role in all three.  What’s on your shelf?  Is it time to turn off the television and distracting electronics, carve out some daily reading time, and learn from the masters?

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