Seeing it clearly

Make mental images

Visualize.  Make what you see clear and clean-cut.  Hold it firmly in your mind.

What you construct in your mind is yours.   Yours without limits.

See the end game before it starts.  Concentrate on your goal.  Let the picture become more and more complete.  Engage earnest desire and confident expectation.  Firmly demand what you want.

Let the precise image of what you see – the focused visual of what you imagine – motivate you to plan, to act, to summon the universe in your efforts.

Getting what you want is about knowing what you want, and seeing it clearly in your mind.

Until it’s the right time

Opinion not required

We always have the power to hold no opinion.

Too often we create an unneeded urgency.  Too often we react when no reaction is required.  Too often we waste energy cultivating opinions that serve no benefit to ourselves or our world.

We have the power to hold no opinion; at least until it’s the right time to have an opinion.

Get out there

Why focus on the competition?

Focus on you, and what you do.

Know your competition. Know how you’re different.  Know why it matters.  The story you’re creating is not about them; it’s about you.

Be disciplined, but take time to dream.  Do your work; do it well. Refuse to get sidetracked by the noise and hype of others. Refuse to get sidelined by the inner critic.

No one does what you do, in the unique and innovative way you do it.  Get out there and kick butt!

Complete the climb

Frank was right

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis of Assisi

No excuses. Every action need not be extraordinary.  But you have to start.  You have to start with ordinary circumstances, execute the basics and keep pushing up.  You have to attack the small stuff that’s right in front of you to get ready for the big leaps that show up later.

No brainer, right?  Wrong.  Too many compromise their steps up the ladder – they want to start at the top; they want to begin with quantum leaps rather than start with small steps. And they fail to complete the climb.

Doing the impossible is the rarified territory of the pros – the ones who just started by doing what’s necessary, and then moved their way up.

Be a pro.

Be ready to ride the surge

Labor Day, Schmabor Day. 

I respect those who work hard – everyone who puts in the time and effort.  Everyone who intimately knows the struggle.

I also know the easy day was yesterday.  Labor Day is a time to recharge, but it’s also a time to get ready to re-engage at a higher level.  No matter our age.

To re-engage not in mere survival mode, but to re-engage and discover greater possibility within ourselves; to be always ready to seize opportunities that suddenly present themselves.

Opportunities show up unexpectedly.  They occur in cycles of surge and stall. That’s why we don’t want to be caught napping.  If we’re not out there, ready to ride the surge, we’re certain to fall with the stall.

Get ready, stay patiently persistent and engaged at full throttle. Be there to ride the surge.


Keep making choices

Smart ones. Deliberate ones.  Purposeful ones.

Choices are experiments in shaping your life, in moving forward on your path.

They confirm that you’re in control – at least for the parts you can control.  They give your actions meaning.

And always know that there is a way out when you make a not-so-great choice:  it’s called forgiveness.

Do the unusual

Explore the freedom in limitations

There is a kind of freedom in doing work under limitations.  You narrow your scope.  You focus on the essentials, and use your resources – money, people, and time – carefully.  You get creative.

When there’s not enough money, and not enough time, and few resources available, you cut out the excess, you move past the way things are usually done, and you do the unusual.

When you embrace the freedom to innovate, you make magic despite limitations.

Be receptive

You don’t have to be a genius to make genius.  – Ryan Holiday
Every day you experience moments of brilliance.  Moments you miss if you’re not paying attention.  Moments easily obscured when you focus on the ordinary, when you let yourself become distracted.
Don’t wait for inspiration. Don’t sit and dream about the time when genius might show up.  It’s already there, already in and around you.  Learn to be receptive.
Seize those fleeting moments and run with them.  Probe them, ask questions of yourself and others.  Test your ideas, push the envelope, and let those small moments build big momentum.  

No straddling allowed

Be there

In a world consumed by distraction, single-tasking is a superpower.

Master it. 

When you’re with someone, be there.  When you’re on a task, focus on it.   Achievement is about prioritizing what you want to get done, and then getting it done.

You can’t straddle, and juggle, and dabble.  You can’t have three conversations going on in your head at the same time.  Engage the power of single-tasking and get things done.

Stick to the point

Say what you mean

Dare to move beyond the verbal veneer.  You have the right to be assertive with your thoughts and beliefs.  You may be confronted by the politically correct crowd, the social justice warriors, the insolent, and those who just love to pick a fight.  No matter.  You know you can be assertive without being obnoxious, without being boorish..

Say what you mean, and know what you mean to say.  Think first.  Be deliberate. Remember:  Thoughts can be incomplete.  Words can be ambiguous and convey mixed messages.  Intent can be misunderstood.  People listen through their own filters, and everyone has an opinion.  Make your message crisp and relevant.

Say what you mean, and believe in what you say.  Speak thoughtfully and sparingly. Talk is cheaper than table salt, so wrap your words in value and love.