Resist the addiction

Recover from work

Unplug.  Every day.  Detach; create healthy boundaries.  Resist the addiction.

Reduce the physical and psychological strain and stress that too much focus on work creates.  It’s not sustainable. Too much work robs you of joyful life experiences, compromises relationships and leads to burn-out.  At its worst, it can kill you.

Learn to do more in less time.  Figure out what’s essential.  Better to spend 5 hours in focused engagement – and get things done – than 10 hours in low-focus, distracted busyness.

Engage with your world.  Find time.  Create space. Grow and have fun doing it.

Do it

Pick up the phone

When something needs to be done, do it.  Doing it is what separates you from most people.  It drives your success.

Don’t play passive.  Don’t start the job, and then walk away.  Don’t just leave a voicemail, or email or text, and convince yourself you at least tried.  Trying is a start, not an excuse.  You have to get things done.  You have to accomplish, to make the connection, and fulfill.

Win the battle that no one sees, and too few attempt.  Complete the cycle.  Finish what you set out to do.

Be your best

In the dark moments

Be your best in the dark moments.  When something crushes your spirit and leaves you doubting.  When you feel you’re drowning in obligations and unfinished business.  When it seems too hard, and you’re tempted to quit.

Reach inside, find the strength, and be your best.  You will rise above your fears, doubts and fatigue, and take the next step.

Because you can.

Evict the squatters

Dispute the reality of your fears.


They’re unwelcomed squatters.

Yet you feed and cultivate them daily.

You let them occupy a place in your life.


You listen to their advice as if they’re

smarter than you.


They’re not.


Why let fear compromise your joy?

Why let fear suck energy from your soul?

Why let fear build walls around your life,

so that you stay small?


Why not face your fears and do something?

Why not evict the squatters?

Why not start today?

Why not push to the edge?

Where’s your adjacent possible?

The good stuff exists beyond the obvious, beyond where you normally expect.

Look past the places where conventional wisdom tells you opportunity awaits.
Look past the places where the crowd wants you to go.
Discover new territory. Discover where you can expand  your unique skills and capacities.
Discover all the tangential possibilities you can explore.  They’re lurking along the edges.
The really good stuff is rarely front and center.  You find the good stuff when you push to the edge.

Why not push to the edge?

The easy day was yesterday

Easy is the enemy.

When it’s too easy, danger lurks.

I want to be tested, every day.  I want to ache and love it, to walk through the fire of daily trial, and love it.

Too easy is the breeding ground of mediocrity, of life half lived.

I want to feel the crush of challenge, and love it. To test my limits, to be pushed to grow greater capacities and capabilities, and find it lovely beyond belief.

I want to start each day knowing the easy day was yesterday.


“When we’re in fear, we hold on to what we’ve got because we don’t trust that there’s more.” – Jen Sincero

Life framed in fear is life framed in scarcity, life lived within limits.  It’s like taking a deep breath and refusing to exhale, refusing to allow more oxygen to flow and nourish your body.

Exhale.  Let go.  Breathe.  When you allow fear to control your life, you hold on so tightly to what you’ve got that there’s no room to get more.

Let go and get more.  The flow of abundance awaits.

Pain Avoidance

All beings must experience suffering and pain at some point in their lives.
Buddha ~ Dukkha

Do not avoid pain.
Your effort would be misplaced.
Pain and suffering are inevitable.
Choose your pain wisely.
Geoffrey Hale

Everyone wants to live a care-free, happy and easy life…
What pain do you want? What are you willing to struggle for?
Mark Manson, The Most Important Question Of Your Life