What are your intentions?

Jack Kerouac did his homework

Great work doesn’t comes easy.  There are no shortcuts.  Work that lasts isn’t an accident.

Kerouac’s acclaimed book On the Road carries the myth that it was completed in a three week, drug-filled journey.  The truth:  he edited and refined it for six years.   He was a craftsman.  He was committed to getting it right.   He was committed to creating something more than a flash in the pan.  He was committed to  longevity.

Creating work that lasts for ten minutes is easy.  Creating what lasts for ten years or more is not.   It’s too easy today, with all the social media promotion available, to spend a few minutes on creation, followed by countless hours on promotion.  Promotion is not how things are made great.

Longevity is about making the right decisions, having the right priorities, building products and services that embody excellence.  What are your intentions?

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