When you decide

Focus on your own approval

Don’t rely on the approval of others.  When you are at the bottom, they may disrespect you.  In the middle, they may ignore you.  At the top, they may revile you.

You don’t control the opinion of others – whether right or wrong. You only control your own. And your own approval is how you nurture self-esteem, how you progress through life.

Let go of the need to be approved. Get going on the design of your life.  Stay self-aware, trust your instincts, and never fear to make changes when you – not others – decide they’re needed.

One thought on “When you decide”

  1. I have been developing a new relationship with “Self Love”.

    It has been a healthy antidote to “need for approval” (of others). It has allowed me to behave with full integrity to my own conscious and personal morals.

    Regardless of external rejection or approval, I literally sleep well at night. Often, I can feel lonely at night and suffer anxiety. With this new attention to “Self Love” and acting accordingly, I feel genuinely good about myself in the late lonely hours and sleep like a baby. 🙂

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