Your recipe counts

What’s your secret sauce?

A meal is a meal is a meal – until you meet the right chef.  The chef who can take ordinary ingredients and fuse them in an extraordinary combination, in the perfect proportions.  It’s not magic, it’s not science.  It takes effort and a lot of trial and error to get the combination right – to create the secret sauce.

Achieving excellence in life is also about how you create your secret sauce.  Discovering your talents, expanding and cultivating them, and then blending them into the perfect mix.  It’s the recipe unique to you.

Discovering your secret sauce is often a process of many attempts, of trial and error and trying again.  It’s moving beyond what you think you like, expanding your personal awareness, and discovering what you truly do well.

What you do well is what grows your passion.  What you do well is the expression of your secret sauce.

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